Ultimate buying guide for area rugs: Get the right size and material

Rugs are one of the most important design elements in any room, and one of my favorite things to choose. Rugs can be expensive depending on the type of rug you choose. I hope that these will help you to decide which rug is right for your space.

  • How to Choose A Rug For Any Room – This is the most practical information on rug buying. It breaks the decision down for you into a 4-step process that starts with deciding what style of rug you are drawn to.
how to choose a rug
bedroom rug size
dining room rug size
  • Pros and Cons of Cotton Rugs – Cotton rugs are inexpensive and washable, but they do have their downsides too. See which places to avoid using a cotton rug and where they work perfectly.
  • Washable Rugs – Washable rugs are really popular especially for people with pets and children. There are a few really popular brands, like Ruggable, Boutique Rugs and Nuloom. I have owned one of each and I have an honest review of each brand. I’ve also got feedback on whether these rugs are worth they hype.
washable rug review
  • Cute Bathroom Rugs and Why You Need One – Bathrooms are often a room we overlook. They can benefit from a rug as much as any other room. And they can make a statement without spending a lot of money. Try one of these great bathroom rug finds.
cute bathroom rugs
  • Find a Rug That Works in an Office (with a rolling chair) – Have you found since you started working more at home that your office chair with wheels is getting caught on your rug? Rugs for an office (or office area) should meet a few criteria to avoid roller chair issues.
rugs for the office
  • Wool Rug Pros and Cons – If you have never owned a wool rug, you are missing out. Did you know that wool repels dirt. And they have some amazing staying power. You can use a wool rug for 50 years. Get more details about why you might want to buy a wool rug and where they work best.
pros and cons of wool rugs
  • Jute Rugs – Are They Soft? Natural fiber rugs are really inexpensive, but they don’t always feel great under your feet. See which ones are the softest and easiest to maintain.
jute rugs
  • Guide to Outdoor Rugs – This one will help you determine the right size outdoor rug for your porch or patio and give you some ideas about where to find deals on rugs.
How to Choose an Outdoor Rug
rugs for in front of the kitchen sink
  • Splurge or Save on Rugs – Rugs can be a big investment. There are some rooms and places where it makes sense to spend more, and others where you should find the best deal you can. I’ve also shared my favorite places to find rugs.
Should you splurge or save on rugs
Use a room planning tool to help you decide what size rug to purchase.
  • Comprehensive List of Rug Types – When you shop for rugs the number of rug types can be overwhelming. See an example of each rug and learn the terms before you go rug shopping.

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