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Have you been seeing a log of ads for washable rugs? I feel like every time I get on my computer or phone some app is showing me a washable rug. Ruggable must have a very large advertising budget.

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If you are considering buying a washable rug, take a minute to read these honest (unsponsored) reviews and details about what these rugs are like. I’ve bought three of these from different manufacturers and before you break out your credit card be sure this is what you really want.

I’m going to show you my washable rugs and explain the pros and cons of washable rugs. I’ll also share the brands that I like best.

Is Ruggable The Only Washable Rug?

You might think this if you use Instagram, but NO Ruggable is not the only washable rug. In fact, washable rugs have existed for as long as rugs have existed. Cotton rugs have always been washable. Also there are MANY other established brands that make washable rugs, like Nuloom, Realife Rugs and Boutique Rugs.

Unlike Ruggable, these other brands don’t come with their own mat. The Ruggable mat is like almost like a large piece of velcro that holds your rug in place. The reason you need a mat like this is because the rug is so thin that without a mat it will wrinkle up or bunch up. The rug doesn’t have enough weight to lay flat on its own.

What are The Best Washable Rugs?

I have tried Nuloom Washable rugs, BoutiqueRugs and Ruggable rugs. These are all quality brands. It depends more on whether you like the look and feel of the rugs. They don’t feel very soft and squishy, but they have a place.

Ruggable – You can see a great video review of Ruggables here. Unfortunately, the Ruggable rug I bought went back. I didn’t like the feel of it for a living room. It was too thin. Be sure to read the company’s return policy if you plan to send yours back. There is a restocking fee of $25 and you shouldn’t leave the rug down long enough to get ANYTHING on it. That seems fair, but just know that.

Nuloom – I kept the Nuloom washable rug I purchased for the bathroom. It doesn’t feel like a rug, it feels more like a mat which works in a bathroom. I don’t have to worry about it moving because the space doesn’t allow it.

Boutique Rug – I purchased a washable Neyland runner from Boutique Rugs for our hallway. In this case, a thin rug is ideal because doors have to open over the rug and a thick rug doesn’t work.

Are Washable Rugs Worth it?

I choose every product I review. I may earn an affiliate commission if you buy from one of the product links, at no extra cost to you. This income supports this site. See the full disclosure.

In my opinion, no, washable rugs are not worth it. I have two exceptions to this. If you have small children or pets that track in lots of dirt, they can be worth it BUT they still aren’t that easy to wash unless they are small. I like them for someplace like a bathroom, in front of the kitchen sink, in an entry or hallway. In these places washing them is easy because they are small.

Have you tried washing a king sized blanket? An 8×10 washable rug is still very large and washing them isn’t something you will want to do every week. I think indoor/outdoor rugs are much better at handling dirt. You can hose them off outside and spot treat them inside if necessary. I’ve cleaned many pet vomit stains off my wool and indoor/outdoor rugs with the use of a steam vacuum.

I don’t think these rugs look as good in person as they do in photos. I would describe them as more of a mat than a rug. The pattern doesn’t look like it is woven in, like a typical rug. It looks like it’s more printed on top. They are VERY THIN or low pile (less than 1/8 inch). Here’s an example from my home.

This rug is a Nuloom washable rug in a 3 foot x 5 foot size. In this case, no special mat is needed because it doesn’t have room to move around. These kinds of rugs work well in confined spaces.

Pros and Cons of Washable Rugs

Pros of Washable Rugs

  • Washable rugs are washable, but it’s a pain to wash larger ones because you might have to move furniture. IF you have a top loading machine, you will definitely need to make sure you carefully place the rug in evenly or it can get very out of balance.
  • They work well in small spaces like bathrooms, entry ways and in front of the sink.

Cons of Washable Rugs

  • They are very thin and don’t provide the cushion that other rugs offer. I wouldn’t use one in the living room or bedroom.
  • They move around more because they are so thin. Ruggable moves less than others because of the special pad.
  • They curl at the edges, probably because they get washed.

Have you tried a washable rug? If so, I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments.

washable rug reviews

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  1. Thank you so much for this Andrea! I’ve been considering a washable rug for a while, and your review really helped cement my decision. Hope you have a lovely Valentine’s Day, and an easy recovery from the eBike adventure! 🙂

  2. Interesting. Yes, I have been seeing all of these ads particularly for Ruggable. I was actually thinking about these because of the upcoming addition of the puppy, but from your review I am thinking I would not be happy with a rug that doesn’t lie flat all the way to the corners. It is good to hear a “real” review from someone I know!

  3. I was so close to buying one, your review helped me so much. I agree they are more of a mat than a rug. Thank you for saving me, I would have been upset when I got them and would have had to pay to ship back and the stocking fee. Honest opinions like yours are so much appreciated.

    1. Linda,

      Thank you so much. This is my favorite kind of comment, because it makes me feel like I helped someone.


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