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You just need a printer, a ruler and scissors and you can try out any furniture arrangement on a piece of paper.

Design A Home That Feels Personal

Designs improve over time as you add a piece you find here or swap out a piece of art there. You can start with a design blueprint and build on it.

Want help with a design?

  • Are you having trouble committing to a design plan and seeing it through?
  • Need help figuring out a floor plan that balances day to day versus entertaining?
  • Not sure which pieces to let go of and which ones can work in the design plan that you want?

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Welcome! I’m Andrea!

At a turning point in my life I sold my B&B and went back to school to study Interior Design. MOST people don’t live in homes that reflect their unique style. Interior design shouldn’t be reserved for those with million dollar homes. This blog is where I share my insights, tips, and inspiration—bite-sized morsels of design wisdom

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Want to work on a project together?

I host live groups where we work through one room together. Not in person, but we meet to share ideas, furniture layouts, colors and mood boards as we build them together.

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