Is It Safe to Use a Vacuum on a Faux Fur Rug?

So you’ve decided to bring a furry rug into your home and now you’re wondering how the heck do I clean this thing. Is it safe to vacuum a faux fur rug?

The reason you bought one in the first place is that you like the soft feeling under your bare feet. Vacuuming in some cases can ruin the luxurious look and feel of furry rugs.

The answer to whether you can use a vacuum depends on your vacuum. If you have an upright vacuum that doesn’t have a detachable hose, it’s best not to use it. The hairs can get caught in the brush head or roller bar of the vacuum cleaner. If it does this can damage your rug permanently. This is especially the case if you have a shag rug or a really fluffy rug.

If you want information on how to clean spills on your rug, check out this post where I explained the best way to clean your faux rug.

The best results if you want to use a vacuum are with a hose or handheld vacuum or a vacuum with a hose attachment. You will want to use the accessory with the hose that is a brush or an upholstery attachment (see photo below) This divides the suction and allows you to make sure the hair doesn’t get pulled too hard.

If your vacuum didn’t come with accessories, you can purchase most of these separately. Tof find them ust search for your vacuum brand and “accessory” like “Shark accessory”. You can also measure your vacuum hose opening and buy universal attachments for that size.

For small rugs, the best option is to shake out the rug first. A good shake will loosen up the debris even if it doesn’t come out. The next step is to use a soft brush on your vacuum to remove dirt that is stuck.

For large rugs it can be difficult to shake out the entire rug. It’s still best to use only the hose attachment and don’t try to vacuum over the rug. If its at all possible it’s good to shake the rug out even if you have to move a a chair or other smaller piece of furniture. .

If you have debris in your rug it’s best NOT to use cold water. The last thing you want to do is rub the debris into the rug. This is especially true for white faux fur rugs. Use water and mild soap only after you’ve vacuumed up as much as possible. There is “sheepskin detergent” but I’ve cleaned my rug with mild detergent successfully.

I typically fill a bowl with soapy water and use a damp cloth to dislodge any remaining dirt. I’ve found that using more on the spot works better than using a spray bottle. Be sure the rug is on a flat surface as it dries (if you’ve picked it up). Blot up as much of the water as possible to help it to dry faster. Don’t put the rug in your dryer. It should air dry.

Is Regular Vacuuming OK?

I use a fur rug as a dog bed. Regular vacuuming in my case is required. The great thing about faux fur rugs is that it’s not a precious rug that you have to treat with kid gloves. These rugs are made of synthetic materials and they are typically inexpensive and washable (but not always in your washing machine, check the tag).

Natural sheepskin rugs are a different story. They can be expensive and they aren’t as easy to clean.

Can I Dry Clean a Faux Rug?

I’ve seen differing opinions out there about whether it’s a good idea to take faux rugs to the dry cleaner. This article says yes you can dry clean and this post says don’t dry clean.

I haven’t taken mine to the dry cleaner and I don’t plan to. I don’t plan to use a professional rug cleaner either.

I am skeptical of both sources on this topic because it’s not clear that the authors own a faux fur rug. 🤨 The photos are of brand-new rugs not rugs in use or even dirty rugs.

If possible I try to avoid dry cleaning because there are harsh chemicals. These rugs are so inexpensive that I prefer to hand wash mine. If it becomes so dirty or discolored that I’m not able to get it clean I would prefer a new rug over dry cleaning. That’s the beauty of rugs made from synthetic fibers, they are really inexpensive!

It’s a different story if you have wool rugs or a real sheepskin rug. These are more of an investment and might be worth paying to clean.

I hope this helps you if you find your faux fur gets as messy as mine does.

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