Easy and Affordable Halloween Table Setting On a Foldable Table

I’m setting a table for my four imaginary friends that I’m having over for my Halloween party. Just kidding! I have real friends. Unfortunately, this time of year is so busy that they aren’t free for Halloween dinner. So my family will have to humor me because I want to get into the Halloween spirit.

To make it special we are going to eat in our living room so we can hear trick-or-treaters. I set up my DIY folding table in front of the fireplace instead of the dining room. The whole setup only takes a few minutes.

Halloween table quick and inexpensive

These are the supplies I used, which are all readily available from Amazon listed below (free shipping and fast). If you get just a few of these it’s a great opportunity to have people over and you don’t have to cook a big meal. It’s acceptable to order pizza even and make a salad!

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The color scheme for this table is copper and black. I prefer copper to the traditional orange. When you choose a color palette for your table, try to use that same color in two or three places. For example, I have copper chargers and a copper pumpkin. I have black candle holders, black flatware and black napkins.

You don’t have to use orange to decorate for Halloween. Here are decorating ideas for fall decor that are NOT orange, in case there are others out there that don’t love orange.

Halloween table centerpieces are inexpensive because you can ALWAYS use a pumpkin in the center of the table, even if you don’t carve it. You don’t have to spend a lot.

If you want more ideas here are the best Halloween table decoration ideas:

Happy Halloween! If you’ve never hosted an adult Halloween party, here are some ideas for you.

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  1. This is so cute Andrea! I love the pumpkin in centerpiece – your imaginary friends will love it too! Maybe they’re just invisible ghosts … ? I love it best at dusk with the candles lit! Also, can’t wait to check out your folding table. It’s beautiful! I’d never have guessed it’s portable. Thanks for another round of great inspiration!

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