Halloween Chic – Front porch decor that is easy and affordable

Hopefully, this post will give you a Halloween porch idea that isn’t all about haunted houses. Not everyone loves Halloween because they don’t love the fear factor. You can have a Halloween front porch without creating a spooky scene.

This year I’m sharing easy ways to get more of a “Halloween chick” look for your porch.

If you see something you like maybe it will save you a little bit of time.

chi halloween decorations

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My philosophy on Halloween decor is that most of the items need to last more than one season, and be appropriate for fall AND Halloween. For example, Halloween wreaths don’t have to have jack-o-lanterns on them. They can be fall colors or just fall textures.

Tips To Keep Halloween Decor Affordable

My experience with the decor from Home Depot is that it doesn’t last, especially the inflatable decorations. You know those life size ones that you see laying on the ground?

The best outdoor Halloween decorations have to be both reusable and easy.

Making sure all of my front porch decor fits these two criteria helps me to eliminate lots of things like spider webs.

If you’re looking for easy Halloween DIY projects, check out these fun projects.

Happy Halloween!

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