IKEA Christmas Ideas

On my latest trip to IKEA I discovered that they have an amazing and affordable selection of Christmas decorations. If you are looking for budget friendly ways to decorate your home for Christmas, head to IKEA.

If there isn’t an IKEA near you, you can place an order online and shipping is only $9.99.

I like to find affordable decorations for the holidays because you only use the items for one month a year (or 6 weeks max) and I don’t like to blow my budget on temporary things. I was surprised to see that IKEA had everything from table decor, to wreathes, ornaments, wrapping paper and more.

Top Ikea Christmas Decorations

Holiday greens

One of the things that really makes your home feel like the holidays is greenery, real or faux. I’m not talking about Christmas trees (yet), I’m talking about garlands, wreaths and poinsettias. IKEA has them all, real and faux.

These Santa Claus dolls are not greenery, but they are so adorable on a shelf that I had to include them in my favorites.

  • Faux Indoor Christmas tree – Vinterfest is only $9.99. This tree is small, 5 inches, but it would be cute on top of your table.
  • Faux poinsettias – They have both real and faux poinsettias. The faux ones were only $7.99
  • LED wreath – This wreath is simple and so affordable for only $7.99
  • Santa Claus – This stuffed santa claus comes in two styles for only $9.99. You can find the grey one here.

Tabletop Decorations

An easy place to add some holiday cheer is on your tabletop, or mantle if you have one. I like to do this because it’s something you see every day when you sit down to eat.

  • Tealight house – These houses come in two different sizes and they look so festive with a tea light for only $6.
  • Red Table Runner – If you just want to give your table a quick holiday touch, this red runner is only $4.99
  • LED house in the forest – This red house in the forest looks almost like a snow globe, but it’s lit up.
  • Block candle holder – This 14 inch house is perfect for a warm white candle and it’s only $9.99.
  • Red taper candles – A pack of eight red candles is only $2.99.
  • Tealights – You can get 18 of these tealights for $1.99

Ornaments and wrapping paper

Ornaments can be so expensive and sometimes its fun to do a different theme for you tree. I seem to always use the ornaments gifted to me by my mom. These ornaments have sentimental value because I remember them from being a child.

If I didn’t have these, I’d be stocking up at Ikea because they have really inexpensive ornaments. They have every color of glass balls, red, blue, silver and gold. You can get 42 balls for just $12.99. Best of all they are made of a material that doesn’t break when your drop them.

Does Ikea Have christmas Stuff?

Hopefully you can see from this post that IKEA has a ton of Christmas stuff. This is only a sampling of my favorite things this year. They have a ton of Christmas ornaments. They ALSO have some adorable kids toys that make great Christmas gifts. Check out this adorable toy kitchen for $89.

Ikea toy kitchen

what size are the ikea christmas trees?

You may not have known this, but IKEA also sells faux Christmas trees. They have two sizes – 69 inches for $29.99 and 86 inches for $49.99. These are great prices for a faux tree.

How Much Does It Cost for IKEA to Deliver?

You can get stuff delivered by IKEA. The cost depends on what it is and where you live (like any online retailer, except Amazon). Delivery fees start at $9 for smaller things and for furniture and large items it starts at $39.

If you find what you like but you don’t have two hours to go shop at IKEA (which is a treat) they have this awesome service called click and collect. You buy the items and they pull it together and have it waiting for you. All you have to do is go in to the checkout desk. It’s much faster, but you don’t get to browse around.

Get your home decorated with Ikea

If you want to spend $100 or less you can get your whole house decorated, including a tree from IKEA. If I sound, like a super fan, I am. The prices just can’t be beat and the stuff is adorable. Check it out for yourself.

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