Afraid to Host a Halloween Party For Adults? Don’t be.

Do you miss Halloween now that your kids are grown (or teenagers)? Even if you don’t have small kids any more you can still have fun at Halloween. I bet you have friends that miss all of the Halloween festivities too. Invite a few of them over for dinner even if it’s before October 31.

The truth is, you don’t have to have a big party to get in the Halloween spirit. In fact, I would argue that a smaller party can be even more fun and the menu even more special with just a few close friends. One of my blogging friends, Chloe, hosted an intimate Halloween dinner with costumes required.

Halloween Party

Today I’m sharing the creepy Halloween dinner party we shared. It was just a small group of ladies who all enjoy dressing up for Halloween and decorating. If you host a dinner party with friends, try starting it mid-afternoon. This way everyone gets to pitch in decorating and cooking. It made hosting a dinner party much less stressful and gave us more time to visit. You should try hosting a small Halloween party this year.

Creepy Halloween Table Decorations

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Halloween dinner parties when you have little kids can be about pizza, paper plates and trick or treating. But once your kids get older you can take it up a notch.

You can dress up your table with just a few accessories like a fun backdrop, a table cloth, a few candles and a centerpiece. You don’t have to use special Halloween dishes or expensive decorations, use what you have and add one or two Halloween touches.

For example, we added a scary view out the window using a shower curtain hung with some command hooks. We used a dark tablecloth, which is really a grey bedspread. Throw in a few skeleton hands, some candles, which always give a more dramatic feel and a homemade centerpiece (more on that below).

Halloween table

The centerpiece is a white plastic pumpkin with carnations, roses and dark black feathers. Chloe is so talented at arranging them using a piece of floral foam inside the pumpkin.

halloween centerpiece

Thrifted Halloween Costumes

Thrift stores can be a great place to find unique things that you can wear as is or use to make costumes. Our party had a ghostly theme. We looked for old lace curtains, old wedding gowns and other white lacy garments.

This thrifted wedding gown was only $10 including a veil. For several of the other costumes we used the thrifted lace curtains and added a waistband using elastic.

thrifted halloween costume

Adult Halloween Menu Ideas

Our menu wasn’t something I would serve to a large group because it was three courses (and probably not something I would use for a kids party). We served:

  • Boiled shrimp served on a skeleton hand with cocktail sauce.
  • Ceasar salad with spider rolls
  • Beef Tenderloin
  • Ghostly twice baked potatoes
  • Pillar red velvet candle cake

If you are feeling like you miss out on Halloween now that your kids aren’t small, try hosting a small party before Halloween. It’s a great way to get fall rolling.

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halloween party for adults

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  1. You ladies are so talented – and beautiful even as ghosts! I love your black table and delicious menu! So sorry I missed it but I was there in spirit! 🙂 Happy Almost Halloween my friend!

  2. Andrea, this was so much fun!!! I need that picture of the 4 of us!! What I learned about this dinner party is that it doesn’t have to be complicated to be enjoyable. I haven’t dressed up in years and I learned so much about costuming from Lynn. Loved being a part of this. Great post!!

  3. It looks like you ladies had so much fun at your party. And the food looks fabulous. Love those spider rolls. So glad you shared this with us.

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