Need a Last-Minute Thanksgiving Tablecloth? Try these Options

Are you one of those people that doesn’t plan out your table for Thanksgiving weeks in advance? I have a hard time thinking about my table until about 10 days before. By then it can be too late, but here are a few ideas for your Thanksgiving Tablecloth that are still in stock.

I’ve sorted them by table shape to try and cover all of the bases. Normally I would turn to ETSY for something one of a kind, but that site is not always great for last-minute items.

I’m also going to share a four quick DIY tablecloths if you absolutely run out of time. I’ll show you how these fast DIY ideas look on a table setting too.

Thanksgiving Tablecloths for Rectangular Tables

You will see a lot of neutral suggestions because these can be used with any color of dish and you can just add something festive as the centerpiece or with napkins.

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Thanksgiving Tablecloths for Round Tables

Thanksgiving Tablecloths for Square Tables

How to Tell What Size Tablecloth You Need?

Before you know what size to order, measure your table’s length and width. Add a 12-16 inches to the length and width, which will be the “drop”. For example, if your table is 36 inches x 64 inches, you want a tablecloth that is roughly 48×76 to 52×80.

If you have a round table, the formula is the same. A 48″ round table requires a 60-64″ round cloth.

If you find tablecloths don’t come in these exact size you want, just choose something close BUT NOT smaller than the low end of the scale.

If you are aiming for a more formal look you’ll want a longer drop.

4 Quick DIY Thanksgiving Tablecloth Ideas

Here are some ideas if time it’s the week of Thanksgiving and you have to improvise. No judgement here, I’ve used all of these.

  1. Use a Table Runner – You can even use a scarf as a runner, or a small throw blanket that doesn’t cover the table, but can be put on at an angle. This DIY burlap runner is quick to make with a little paint, but you could just use a simple strip of burlap for a rustic look.
burlap runner

2. Use a Blanket – This is a cream quilt in a twin bed size. The photo is from Easter, but you could easily decorate it for any occasion. Even if it’s a little big, no one really cares except you. You could also use a sheet if you have one that fits the bill.

3. Use A Drop Cloth – You can buy a drop cloth at Home Depot or Lowes for next to nothing. The worst part is getting the folds out, but you can spray it with water and stick it in the dryer to take care of most of the problems. I don’t recommend washing, the shrinkage is not predictable. This is my table two years ago with a drop cloth tablecloth.

4. Use Brown Craft/Packing Paper – Be sure to buy a roll of packing paper like this one that is 36 inches wide.

I hope this helps you to check the box for one thing on your entertaining check list. Have a happy Thanksgiving.

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