Moody Bedroom High and Low

I have a friend that asked me to shop for her bedroom and she is aiming for a dark and moody feeling. I’m sure you’ve seen these. I’m going to start a new feature each week of what I call a capsule room, sort of like a capsule wardrobe. It’s all the 5 elements that you need to decorate a room in s specific style.

This week’s theme is a moody bedroom. The “high and low” means that I will give a higher priced option and a more budget friendly option. The room I share will have a color palette, but if you don’t like it many of the items come in different colors. You could swap blues for greens or rust for pink, etc.

The five elements I’m going to share that can transform any bedroom are: a rug, drapes, lighting, paint and art. I truly believe you can transform a bedroom without buying new furniture unless your furniture is so strongly in opposition to the style you want. I’ll talk more about that below.

How Do I Make My Room Moody?

If you look at images for “moody bedroom” most of them have these common elements.

  • First, they are painted a darker shade. You see a lot of smokey grey walls or muted blues and greens.
  • Second, they have lots of jewel tones in the curtains and bedding. Think emerald green, rich burgundy, deep purple and dusty blues and greys.
  • Third, these rooms have warm accents. That can be wood accessories like picture frames or brass lighting.

It isn’t necessarily the furniture that gives a room a moody feeling. This is great, because furniture is usually more expensive to replace than a rug, drapes and some paint. You can have almost any style of furniture and get a moody feel because it’s the color and textures around and on top of the furniture.

Rugs for a Moody Bedroom

I choose every product you see. I may earn an affiliate commission if you buy from one of the product links, at no extra cost to you. Read my full disclosure.

I like the look of a rug that is full of color in a moody room. This rug from Boutique rugs has lots of colors you can use. This one has lots of blues and rusts. This is the low priced option because it’s under $200 in an 8×10. The more expensive rug option is from West Elm.

Read this post about how to find the right sized rug for your bedroom.

If you don’t like these, you could substitute any color scheme with jewel tones. Purple and grey, pink and green, etc.

drapes for a moody bedroom

In a bedroom I love a drape and shade combo because the drapes can stay in place and you can use the shades at night. Roman shades can be expensive, but there are some reasonable custom shade makers on ETSY. Click here to read more about how to find reasonably priced custom roman shades.

I like these linen chambray curtains for the high price range and from Target a similar chambray drape at the lower price.

Lighting for A Moody Bedroom

For lighting in a warm, moody room go for something with an earthy feeling. I like these terra cotta lamps from Pottery barn. For the lower priced option I like this set of two clay lamps from Walmart.

If you need something a little smaller for your space, scones can be a good option. I like these all brass sconces from Overstock or these bronze sconces from Pottery Barn.

moody light fixtures

paint colors for a moody room

Paint colors should always be chosen AFTER you choose your rug and drapes. It’s easier to change paint and less expensive. Paint can be tough for someone who hasn’t seen your room to suggest because one color might look great in my bedroom and it might look terrible in your room. There are lots of factors that affect paint like the amount of natural light a room gets.

They make great 12×12 peel and stick paint sample kits and it makes sense to put a few of these up in your room for a few days before you paint.

I once painted my sons room three times. I started with one blue I was sure would be great, but once I got it up it was too bright. I went a shade darker and it still looked terrible. The good news is that paint is easy and inexpensive to change (if you paint yourself).

For this moody room, I want a medium grey, Gibraltar by Sherwin Williams. Grey can be tricky, it can be very green or it can be blue. For my room I wanted a grey with blue undertones because my rug has blues in it and my drapes are blue.

If you don’t like this grey, try different shades and see which ones looks best in your room.

Art for a moody bedroom

In a bedroom I don’t like photos above the bed, if they are people. It feels like a strange place to put family photos. I’ve chosen blue botanicals, but art is really personal. If you hate botanicals choose a subject you like. I LOVE to shop ETSY for art because there are lots of inexpensive choices.

For less expensive art, Target, Walmart and Home Goods can be great places for framed art. The abstract piece is from Target.

Remember when you shop for art, most of the art is unframed and framing is often more expensive than the art itself.

Pulling A Moody Look Together

If you are looking for a moody bedroom, I hope this helps you. If you hate this color palette add a comment about below and let me know what colors you want. I think a moody color palette can work with deep greens and pinks or grey and purple.

If you feel like your existing furniture won’t work with these changes think about how you can change it without buying new. For example, if you have a wood headboard can you paint it.

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  1. Andrea, this is such an informative post. I like a serene, spa-like bedroom so I will now look at those elements and see what I can change affordably. I love the high/low options. Can’t wait to see more!

  2. Great post Andrea – I love how you’ve boiled down the aspects of moodiness and made it so easy to choose pieces that create it! And I think your high and low options are fabulous. If you asked me, I’m not sure I could tell which are the more expensive ones. Nice curating! πŸ™‚ Happy Sunday my friend!

    PS – I can only binge watch when I’m on my own. My husband can’t stand it! πŸ™‚

  3. After almost 30 years of marriage, our bedroom still looks like it did when we first got married and were right out of college. Never really sure where to start to make it more adult, I really like how you focus on just 5 elements and give high and low examples for each one. This is something I can definitely do without being overwhelmed that I need to change everything at one time.

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