10 Best Tips To Make Guests Feel Welcome

Guest rooms are one thing that I can confidently say that I have expertise. I ran a bed & breakfast for thirteen years.

Are you nervous about having out-of-town guests stay with you? There are some easy tips and inexpensive, little things you can do to make your house guests stay memorable and make sure they have a good time. With just a little planning you can do some small things that will make a good first impression on your guest’s arrival. Follow these 10 simple tips for making your guest room feel more inviting and create a welcoming atmosphere.

1.) Guest Bedroom’s need Soft, Clean Sheets and Bedding

This may sound like an obvious suggestion, but there is nothing worse than getting into a bed that you suspect is not clean. I stayed at a B&B once where there was dog hair on the bed. I’m a dog person, but that’s not what you want your guests to arrive to.

One of the easiest ways to ensure that you have fresh linens that look clean is to use white sheets and a white coverlet or quilt. This is my number one guest room bed idea and it’s so simple.

The beauty of white bedding is that no matter how dirty it gets, red wine, chocolate, etc. you can bleach it back to white.

white bedding for guest room

I like to use a white coverlet because it can also be washed fairly easily vs. a bulky bed spread. It can also pair with almost any style bedroom. This may sound boring at first, but you can layer in lots of color and texture in other ways. You can add colorful throw blankets and accent pillows.

My favorite places to get white coverlets on a budget are the Company Store or Wayfair. I only buy 100% cotton because it washes best (or linen). My favorite place for sheets is Tuesday Morning because you can get name brand, high thread-count sheets without the high price tag.

If you love linen sheets, read this to see where to find the best linen sheets without breaking the bank. It’s also a good idea to provide extra blankets and extra pillows.

2.) make sure guest rooms have Empty Surfaces or a Luggage Rack

In order to have a welcoming guest room you want your guest to have a good place for a suitcase and stuff. If you have a dresser that can withstand having luggage on top, that’s fine as long as it’s cleared off and has enough room for a suitcase. You can also use a luggage rack like this one on Amazon.

This looks empty, but this is my son’s room before our guests arrived. The dresser is IKEA and luggage on top can’t really do any damage.

It’s essential that your guests don’t have to put their suitcase on the floor because there is no other option. I often put a pair of stools at the foot of the bed that can also be used as a place for guests to put things.

3.) guests need a bedside light

Do you ever have that feeling when you first wake up on vacation, like “where am I?” It can take a minute for your mind to realize you aren’t at home. It’s a great idea to have a bedside lamp that is within reach.

It’s also nice for guests to have a light if they need to get up in the middle of the night in an unfamiliar place. Many people also like to read in bed or surf their phone and it’s nice to have a good reading light you can turn off without getting out of bed.

Lamps don’t have to be expensive. See this post about how to find deals on lamps. It isn’t necessary that the lamps be a matching set.

4.) Charging Station And WIFI Code

My mother in law stays with us very often and she has many devices that need to charge at night. She needs to charge her computer, phone, watch… These days we can’t live without fully charged devices and internet speed so we can stream.

It doesn’t have to be fancy, but I recommend a power strip that is accessible and a card with the wi-fi password next to the bed.

5.) Add a Robe to your guest bedroom

I have a good friend that always hangs two clean robes in the guest room. I never travel with a robe, but I LOVE to wear one on vacation. It’s a thoughtful gesture that makes me feel like I’m at a spa. Robes really add that extra special touch of hospitality.

I hate to sound like a broken record, but buy white robes. There is a reason hotels do this. They can be cleaned no matter what gets on them. There are inexpensive white robes on Amazon for only $17.

6.) make sure guests have Bedside Tables

It’s a must to have a bedside table to set a drink, book or phone by your bed. These don’t have to be large pieces of furniture. If your guest room is small, even a small stool or table will do. If it’s a nice piece of furniture add a coaster to the top.

Here are four inexpensive night stand options from IKEA. These are all fairly small and portable. They come in multiple colors and can adapt to just about any style. I love IKEA for small furniture that can serve multiple purposes.

7.) provide Guests with New Soap and Small Toiletries

This is really outside the bedroom, but it is one of the best ways you can make your guests feel welcome. It’s a nice touch if your host has gone the extra mile and provided extra toiletries such toothpaste or shampoo. These can even be freebie, travel-size bottles from your own travels. Don’t forget to provide clean towels as well.

The icing on the cake is a new bar of soap or body wash, that your guest knows is just for them. I found this seller on Etsy, ArcadiaNatural, who sells guest bar soaps that are incredible. For $16 you get 12 soaps in a scent you choose . You can get your name on them, for an extra $4.

8.) Room Darkening Curtains or Shades

This is perhaps the most expensive item on the list. Curtains can be pricey, but they are necessary if you have guests regularly. I like to use window shades for privacy and light and curtains just for their texture and warmth they add to a guest room.

Read more about how to choose window shades and where to get them here. Window coverings allow your guests to sleep in as late as they like, just like in a hotel room.

9.) Tidy Plunger in the Bathroom

You may laugh at this, but I had to plunge many toilets in my inn-keeping days. In fact, I once had to plunge a toilet for a one-armed man. True story. It’s 10x more embarrassing if you have to ask your host, who is a friend or relative for a plunger.

I like to keep one in both bathrooms that sits in a stand, so it looks nice and tidy. This plunger with a cover comes in two different finishes.

10.) Space to Hang Clothes and Extra Hangers

It can really make guests feel at home when they see that you have cleaned out a portion of the closet and left a few hangers for them. Empty closet space shows your guests that you’ve made room for them and you aren’t trying to cram them in to an over-stuffed space.

11.) White Noise Machine (Bonus)

This isn’t in my top 10 because it isn’t necessary in every household. My house is small and I live on a fairly busy street. We are white noise fanatics. It really helps you get a good night sleep if you are in a place where there is lots of noise.

I’ve tried every free app when traveling and they stink. You can hear the repeat, which makes your brain listen. The white noise machine we like is the Marpac Dohm. We have one in every room, this is not a sponsored post. It doesn’t make thunder or rain, it’s just truly a noise blocker.

What if you Don’t Have A Guest Room?

If you are like me and you don’t have a separate “guest room” there are still some easy ways you can still make guests feel at home. You just need to modify the essentials slightly.

Instead of white bedding, just be sure the bedding you have is freshly laundered so it smells clean. I like to use Dr. Bronners’ soap in the wash with a lavender or citrus scent.

Instead of an empty dresser top set a stool or chair in the room that they can use for luggage. It’s also a good idea to put away what’s on the dresser to make them feel like they aren’t taking over someone’s room. You can temporarily put a few things in a box or bin in the closet.

The rest of the tips can be applied to any room. You just want your guest to feel like you spent some time preparing for their visit. I hope these suggestions work for you. If you are looking for more tips, here’s a great article full of tips for preparing for overnight guests by Tamra at Better Buyer Savvy Seller.

how to set up a nice guest room?

Follow these tips for guest room success. If you are having guests, start a week ahead and make sure you can check off most of these 10 tips. If you do, your guests are sure to feel welcome in your home. Most of these 10 essentials don’t involve spending a lot of money, they just require a little advance planning.

10 things you should have in a bedroom before guests come for a visit.

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