How to Store Sweaters for Ordinary Folk

It may not be sweater weather yet but it’s a good time to go through and clean out last year’s supply. While you are at it, you may as well improve your sweater storage. There are ways to store sweaters so that they are easy to see AND get to.

Today I’m sharing my closet organization tips for sweaters. I’m teaming up with my blogging friends to share all kinds of storage and organization tips and tricks. Be sure to scroll to the bottom to see their hacks for bathrooms, laundry and more.

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Do you find storing t-shirts and sweaters difficult? I love Marie Kondo, but I know myself. I’m not going to go to that much trouble every time I do laundry. The packets that she wants you to fold things into are beautiful, but let’s be real. It looks amazing on the day you do it, and I’ve tried, but it just doesn’t stay that way. Am I alone?

Sweaters don’t do well if you hang them because they can stretch. The best way to store sweaters is to fold them. See the best method for folding and storing all types of sweaters.

Step 1 – sort Sweaters according to type

The best way to store anything in a way that makes it easy to find is to sort by type first. Sweater types include cardigan, v-neck, crew-neck and I count hoody.

If you are a person with more than 30 sweaters you probably need a second sorting option like sweater weight. You could sort your cardigans into heavy and light weight. You could also sort into colors or materials. I sorted by type because I don’t have more than 20.

Step 2 – The lazy Sweater Folding Method

When I do laundry I’m never in the mood to fold my t-shirts and sweaters into vertical packets aka Marie Kondo. I tend to do more a standing sweep fold (sometimes on the bed, sometimes standing up). This method doesn’t make the neatest looking fold, but it still counts as folded.

Folding Crew Neck and V Neck Sweaters

Crew neck and v-neck sweaters are much easier to fold. You might notice a few wrinkles, but this is real life.

For an even faster method (which I often use) try the standing fold. You might think I’m joking, but I often fold my laundry as I’m taking it out of the dryer and there is no folding table.

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Folding cardigans is different than folding crew neck sweaters. I don’t like to button or zip up the sweater before I fold it. It’s easier to fold cardigans quickly if you do it this way.

Step 3 – best sweater storage options

The most important criteria for sweater storage is visibility. If you sort by type and store your sweaters in visible cubes it makes them stay much neater. You no longer have to pull out all of the sweaters on top to get to find the one you want at the bottom.

Labels are your friends. You don’t have to buy labels or make fancy ones. I just printed off these labels and taped them onto my bins with packing tape.

I ordered 8 of these large bins on Amazon for a deal. The size is perfect because the cubest fit 4-5 sweaters. Don’t try to put too many sweaters in each bin, that keeps the accessibility high. I also ordered 30 wood hangers for a bargain. These have nothing to do with sweater storage, but I decided to treat myself. I also gave the closet a good cleaning with my amazing Shark vacuum, see my full review here.

My wedding dress was hanging in the back of the closet. My sister recently unpacked hers which was professionally packed only to find out it wasn’t even her dress in the sealed box.😂 If you have your dress sealed up you should open the box.

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  1. This is great Andrea! And you always make me smile! Reading your posts is like hanging out and talking with you!

  2. Love it Andrea and your video is awesome! Great job. I love the clean look of your closet and I knew we were hyper organized sisters 🙂 Wonderful hopping with you!

  3. I love your oranzied closet! Such helpful hints! It was fun hopping with all you ladies!
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