Find the Perfect Rug for Your King Size Bed: Real examples

When it comes to your master bedroom, rugs are one of the most important parts of the design.   A rug makes a big difference in how cozy the room feels. The right rug can transform your bedroom.  I definitely felt this when I bought big blue (my bedroom rug, which is my favorite thing in the room).

bedroom rug

In this article, we’re going to delve into the art of choosing the perfect rug to go under your king bed.  I will give you a comprehensive guide to help you understand how to choose the right size, position it correctly and how to find the right style for you.

The best part? This won’t just be a theoretical guide (like lots of rug sellers have). I believe that real-life examples are the best way to learn and get inspired. That’s why I’ve collaborated with real homeowners who have given us a glimpse of their bedrooms. These real-life examples, showcasing a variety of room sizes, styles, and rug choices, will provide practical insights into how a rug can work with your king size bed.

So, whether you’re moving into a new space or simply looking to spruce up your existing room, this guide will help you make an informed decision.  This will help you get one step closer to the bedroom of your dreams.  Let’s dive in!

King Bed Sizes

Before we delve into choosing a rug it’s important to understand the object at the heart of our discussion: the king size bed. King beds are aptly named for because they are BIG.  

king bed rug size

Standard king size beds typically measure 76 inches wide by 80 inches long.  On the other hand, California King beds, have slightly different dimensions. They measure 72 inches wide but are longer, coming in at 84 inches.  

These dimensions are important because the rug has to sit under your bed (ideally) and give you adequate space on both sides of the bed.  The bed isn’t the only thing that determines the size.  Next, we’ll look at how room size and furniture layout affect the size rug that’s right for you.  

Rug Placement Options

I wrote a post about three rug placement options for bedrooms, if you want to read more.  

A picture can speak a thousand words; you can also see the rug placement options.  The best option if you can afford it in a master bedroom is to have the rug extend underneath the bed. The less desirable options is to place rugs on the side of your bed.  

You will want the longer side of the rug to go perpendicular to the bed.  

Standard Sizes for Rugs

If you are going to buy a rug, the most popular and affordable sizes are 9×12 and 8×10.  The right rug size should be proportionate to the bed and these are the best rug size for bigger beds.  You might be tempted to save and get a 6×9, but here’s an illustration to help you see why that isn’t a good idea for a king-sized bed.  

The photo with the 6×9 rug shows you that if you do this, you won’t have a rug to give you a soft landing when you get out of bed, or into bed.  A smaller rug might be less expensive, but it looks out of proportion to the size of your bed.  Putting a small rug at the foot of the bed doesn’t give your room that cozy luxurious feeling a large rug will.  

How Does Room Size Factor In?

The dimensions of your room play a role when choosing a rug for your king-size bed. A room large enough for a king bed can accommodate a larger rug.  If you want a large size rug, the general rule of thumb is that the rug should be at least 12 inches from the walls on all sides, like this room.

bedroom rug size

It’s important to measure your room before deciding on the size of the rug. A well-chosen rug should anchor the bed in the room but still leave some exposed floor space.  Larger rooms can hold larger rugs, but you don’t have to cover the entire floor.  In fact, some of the most stunning rooms show off the hardwood floors in one area of the room, like this one.

bedroom with king sized rug

In the bedroom below, they opted to go with a rug that gave only partial coverage.  It’s an 8×10, but a 9×12 would be better.  The rug doesn’t cover enough of the side of the bed so that when you step out of bed you land on the hard floor. 

king bed in bedroom

Furniture Layout – On or Off the Rug

The arrangement of other pieces of furniture in your bedroom can also influence the choice of your rug. For instance, if you have a bench, chairs, bedside tables, or a dresser in your room.  Should these pieces be on or off the rug?  

bedroom with king sized rug

In this picture the rug is under the bench and the front legs of the nightstand, but not under the chairs.

What’s right for your room depends on your furniture. It is easier to see how the pieces in your room will look with a rug by using a floor planning tool.  I like to use the free floor planning tool  from Pottery Barn.  To use it find furniture similar to the size you own (by searching the PB items) and see how they fit with the size rug you are considering.  

You can give a bedroom rug a “try on” without buying it.  You can put in the room dimensions for your bedroom and it’s a great way to experiment with furniture placement. 

Rug Style Preference

Last, but certainly not least, your personal style plays a part in choosing any rug.  Style is about how you want the rug to look and feel.  Do you want something neutral or something that is a focal point with lots of color?  Do you want something soft and plush or minimalist?

Read more here to help you narrow down the right style rug.  

The best way to decide what style you want is to look for inspiration on Pinterest.  Pin five bedrooms (not 100) that you love the look of and notice the rug’s design in the pictures you like.  You can even use google image search to find similar rugs.  

Price can also play a role in the size rug you choose.  A large area rug is not cheap unless you go for synthetic materials.  No matter what style of rug you choose the bedroom is one room that’s worth getting a high-quality rug pad.  You can find really affordable rugs (and rug pads) on Overstock and Wayfair.  

I personally love wool in a bedroom because it’s so soft. Tufted wool rugs are a good option if you want a really soft rug.  This type of rug is much softer than the hand-knotted rugs.   This style is an excellent choice for low-traffic areas.  


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