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Are you looking for linen sheets? Maybe you aren’t, but I consider myself a bedding expert.

This is a title that no one wants, but I used to own a B&B. This is one of the less glamorous parts of owning a B&B, washing lots and lots of sheets. Linen sheets really stand up to washing, they even get better and softer as they get older. You might think that they would get really wrinkly, but they don’t.

The ultimate luxury in bedding is linen sheets. They feel cool in the summer and warm in the winter. They just keep getting better with age.

linen sheets

Why are linen sheets better?

  • They last forever – I had linen sheets at the B&B that lasted for years even with daily washing. I still use them today 15 years later and they feel even better than they did the day I opened the package. This might not be the case for all brands but all of the brands I’ve bought before last and last.
  • They don’t pill – Have you ever had sheets that started to get those small bumps in the spots where your skin rubs frequently? For me it’s the foot of the bed. I can feel those tiny bumps on cotton sheets after a year. I hate that feeling.
  • They don’t shrink – I bought my son a set of cotton sheets from Target, which were very affordable. They seemed lovely at first, but unfortunately they continue to shrink so much that I’m unable to tuck in the top sheet at the foot of the bed.
  • They feel soft and luxurious – If you have never slept on linen sheets you will be pleasantly surprised. They ARE so much nicer than really high thread count cotton sheets.

Downsides of linen sheets

  • They are expensive – The biggest downside to buying a set of linen sheets is the price. They are soooo expensive that you almost feel you should save them for a special occasion, but don’t.
  • They don’t look pressed – If you really love a tight looking bed like you picture in the military, these might not be the look for you. They don’t look wrinkled, but they will never have a pressed look to them without a lot of labor.

I have a workaround for the high price that I use on my own bed. I don’t have a linen fitted sheet, I only have a linen top sheet. Most sheet vendors will sell them separately, especially since the millennial generation is killing the top sheet, among other products. If you are a millennial, you might have to splurge for a linen duvet cover instead of a top sheet.

The top sheet has more impact on how the bed feels because its the one that tucks around your body. Does anyone else feel like this? Unfortunately, most teenagers are more likely to make a bed with no top sheet.

Best Places to Buy Linen Sheets

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brooklinen – Best splurge linen sheets

I first heard of Brooklinen on a podcast I listen to, Happier with Gretchen Rubin. They have a great linen core set that has a fitted sheet, flat sheet and two pillow cases for $260. You can’t buy the flat sheet separately so this is my go-to set if you want to splurge for yourself.

They have a huge selection of colors, 14 to choose from including all the basics, white, off-white, grey, pink and even a stripe.

starter linen sheet set

Parachute – Best separate Linen Sheets

Parachute has beautiful luxury sheets and they have physical stores if you want to go in and feel the sheets before you buy. As of 2022 you can still buy just the top sheet in linen, as I did, for $120 (but it’s hidden). If you want just the top sheet it’s not listed under linen sheets, you have to follow this link OR search for top sheet. They come in white, linen (off-white), three different shades of grey, pink and charcoal.

parachute linen top sheet

Amazon – Best Bargain Linen Sheets

I decided to try linen sheets on Amazon to see how they compare to the ones I already own. I bought King Linens on Amazon. I bought a queen set for a reasonable price (prices on Amazon change regularly). This set includes fitted sheet, flat sheet and two pillow cases. They aren’t 100 percent linen, they are 55% linen and 45% cotton. They come in white, linen (off-white) and grey.

The sheets feel like linen and fitted sheet has a nice deep pocket. They have a very heavy, substantial feel. They are also organic. If you want the luxury of linen but you really don’t want to spend over $100, these sheets are a great buy.

These are a great choice for a guest room or an older kids room. See my tips for a preparing your home for guests here.

How To Care for Linen Sheets

Linen is a fabric that can shrink if washed in hot water, but cotton sheets can too. I recommend washing your sheets in cool water and NOT drying them on high heat.

I have seen people suggest that the only way to dry linen sheets is to air dry them. Who has time for that? I always put mine in the dryer on low heat and I’ve never noticed that they shrink. I can’t speak for all brands, but I also have linen slip cover on my sofa and I wash and dry it on low heat as well.

For the most wrinkle free look, take the sheets out before they are bone dry and let them finish drying out on the bed. I don’t take them out when they are wet, but just when they are still cool.

Are Linen Sheets Better?

I don’t have any sales pitch, I don’t sell these or make a commission. I just really love the feeling of linen sheets and if you haven’t tried them I bet you will too. They make a great holiday gift to yourself.

Before you go, you might enjoy Boll & Branch vs. Brooklinen sheets (an unbiased UNPAID opinion) and how to put on a comforter or duvet cover.

best affordable linen sheets

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