Last Minute Gift Guide

Have you waited until less than two weeks before Christmas to finish your shopping? I never finish early. I’m always wrapping on Christmas Eve and usually grumbling to myself about why my husband is already asleep­čśé. Normally I’d be doing that with my sister in law and a glass of red wine.

This can be a stressful time of year. But think about what can be different in a good way. You may not have a big gathering, but on the bright side it CAN be a really stress free year.

Here are a few of my favorite last minute gift ideas. I hope it gives you an idea for someone on your list.

Books – There are a lot of new books, one for just about everyone. There is Seinfeld’s new book where he releases all of the bits he has done throughout his life. There is a new book by a Elizabeth Holmes about the fashion of the royal family. She explains all of their fashion choices and how carefully they are planned. She’s a fun one to follow on Instagram. There’s my all time favorite journal, the Five Minute Journal. It has prompts for morning and night, but only takes a few minutes. The Barefoot Contessa has a new cookbook if you have friends that like to cook.

Family fun – The jelly bean game is a family friendly game where everyone gets the same color jelly bean. On the count of three everyone eats their bean. Some of the beans have a gross flavor (like dirty socks) and some have a good flavors, but you don’t know who got which.

Tea – I love electric tea kettles and tea. Harney & Sons is my favorite tea. You can buy a sampler or just one flavor (the cinnamon tea is delicious). I was looking for a cute new kettle for my kitchen and I found this one. I couldn’t resist these plaid mugs, since plaid is so popular right now. I want them for my coffee station.

Throw Blankets – You can never have too many throw blankets. I love a cable knit throw and this one comes in several colors. The blue plush throw blanket is from Nordstrom and it’s a great price. It comes in ten different colors.

Neck Massager – This seems like such a great idea this year because not many of us are going out for a massage, but we are all spending lots of time hunched over our computer screens. This one heats and massages.

Slippers – Slippers are the new go to shoe. We could all use an extra pair. These are delivered quickly and come in several different colors/fabrics. They have a memory foam insert and a rubber sole.

Mason Jar Lantern – Sometimes you get surprised by something you find on Amazon. This mason jar lantern was one of those pleasant surprises. It’s so charming and unexpected.

Here are my favorites if you prefer to buy gifts from a small business (vs Amazon) or last minute gifts you can get quickly.

last minute gifts

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  1. What a great idea to have a last minute gift guide. Love the ideas, and thanks for sharing.

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