Mother’s Day 2022 Kitchen Picks and Reader Questions

This Mother’s Day I’m thinking about all of the things my mom uses in her kitchen. She is about to move into a new place and the kitchen needs a lot of work. It’s not a real kitchen and my mom still loves to cook even at 84.

There is no oven in her new place. At first, I thought that is unacceptable, but then I realized that I rarely use my full-sized oven except on holidays. I use my countertop oven daily, it’s faster and more efficient. I’ve talked about how much I love the Brevel Smart Oven before.

Have you tried induction cooking? I ordered this induction 2-burner cooktop. I’ve heard these are better than gas and I want to test it out. I think she will really love it and it’s safer than gas. I will give you an update once we’ve tried it. If you have experience with this type of cooktop please share it in the comments.

I’m getting her this Apron (and one for myself too). Have you ever heard of Hedley & Bennett? They have aprons you can customize and tons of cute fabrics. I love the design of the pockets and the detailing. Do you wear an apron? I’ve ruined so many shirts that I try to use one to save my clothes.

Swedish Dish Cloth – These come in tons of really cute patterns. They are a cross between a sponge and a dishrag. I love that they dry really quickly. That’s what I dislike about sponges. I also like how cute they are.

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Do you have a question about decorating? I love getting questions because it gives me things to research. Some of my favorite reader questions have been about lighting, but if you’ve got a question like one of these, please ask it in the comments.

How High Should Floating Shelves Be? I got a question about how to hang floating shelves in a kitchen, how many and where should they go. I LOVE getting questions like this because I like to find examples to answer the question instead of just showing you something in my house. You can read more about floating shelves here.

floating shelves for the kitchen

How Wide Should My Curtains Be? – The question I was answering with this post was about how wide the curtains should be for a 36-inch wide window. I decided to answer the question for lots of different kitchen widths (and there’s a video).

how wide should curtains be

Do you have a question for me? If so I will try to answer it with a post that has examples that fit YOUR space, including photos. Thanks for sharing your weekend with me.

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  1. Sounds like a great Mother’s Day/House Warming for your mom – you’re a thoughtful daughter! Love your questions and answers too. Thanks for another week of inspiration and tips. Happy Sunday my friend!

  2. Andrea…I LOVE INDUCTION COOKTOP COOKING!!! I am anxious to hear how you like it! I have missed it so much since we sold our condo in Ohio. I can’t wait for my new induction cooktop to be installed in my new kitchen! Let me know what you think! Are you planning on replacing your cooktop?

    1. No plans to replace my cooktop YET, but I thought it would be a good way to test it out.

  3. Oh…I forgot to add…I can’t do those cute aprons…I am TOO MESSY! I have to have white denim that I can bleach!

  4. Andrea, I have never used an induction cooktop so interested in hearing how you like it. Since we got an air fryer recently, I don’t seem to use our large oven as much. Thanks for the apron tip- I seem to live in aprons!

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