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Coffee is one of my favorite food groups. If you found this article, I bet it is pretty important to you too. Do you want to create a coffee station? You might want a permanent coffee area in your home, or maybe you want to set one up for guests that are coming into town.

I had a coffee station set up at the B&B. The reason to set up a coffee station is so that you can have all the essentials in one place without having to think about it. This makes it easy for you to do in the morning without waking up the whole house AND it makes it easy for guests to help themselves.

coffee statiion

what do you need for a coffee station?

There are so many different coffee makers in the world that someone visiting may have no idea how to operate yours. Here are the essentials for setting up a coffee station in your home.

  • Load with water and coffee – Make sure the coffee maker is filled with water. If you have a pot coffee maker, fill up the tank and load in the coffee. This makes it so that you or a guest don’t have to think about how much to add early in the morning.
  • Leave instructions – Make sure you have instructions for how to operate the coffee maker if you have guests or family members who don’t usually make coffee. These can be as simple as “push this button” or “load the pod, put your mug on the stand”. You get the idea. Make sure not to leave out any details. Every coffee maker works differently and you want a guest to know how to make a cup of coffee.
  • Leave supplies – Coffee requires lots of additional supplies like spoons, napkins, sugar, sweeteners, cream, mugs and cinammon. Make sure you set these up in advance. It might not be practical to leave cream out. Leave a pitcher of cream or milk in the refrigerator so it’s ready to grab.

If you prefer to make the coffee and set it out in a carafe that can be one way to make things fool proof. If you decided to do this, purchase an insulated carafe and put it out with the supplies listed above.

Coffee Station Supplies

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I LOVE coffee and I’ve got my eye on these cuties.

If you want to display mugs, here are a few ways to do that. You can simply set up a few mugs on the counter or even on a cake stand, like above. You can also set them up on a tray. There are also so many cute coffee stands you can buy.

If you want to be able to leave your cream out for a while, there are insulated cream holders like these.

how do you make a coffee station in a small kitchen?

If you don’t have a dedicated coffee area you can still set up a coffee station, you just have to be a little more creative about it. You can hang a few mugs on a wall near your coffee maker or under your cabinets. Your coffee maker is probably permanently on the counter if you drink a lot of coffee and hanging mugs gets them out of the way.

  • This coffee shelf is simple and inexpensive from Amazon.
  • This mug rack is compact and goes under a cabinet.

In a small kitchen use a tray as a visual way to make a separate coffee area. It also makes it easy to carry all the empties to the sink. I hope this has given you some ideas for how to set up a coffee station in your home.

If you’re curious about our coffee maker, I did a review of the Krups automatic machine here.

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