How to Disguise a Litter Box

Do you feel like there is no good place in your home or apartment to put a litter box? It smells, there is dry litter all over the floor and it’s pretty ugly.

I’m a dog person, or I have dogs all my life. My son, however couldn’t resist the lure of kittens after a neighborhood stray decided to bring her kittens to live on our front porch. Who could resist getting attached?

Flash forward hundreds of dollars in vet bills and they are all fixed and vaccinated. When we moved we brought two with us, leaving the other two to keep my dad company.

I never thought I would own a litter box (so gross) but now that I do I wanted to make the best of it. I went in search of some way to disguise our litter box. I’m not clever enough to build my own from scratch, but fortunately there were tons of inexpensive options on Etsy, Wafair and Overstock.

Here are the options that I liked the most. This is not a sponsored post.

Litter Box Furniture Criteria

If you are looking for something similar, consider these features before you buy. Yes, I too feel compelled to laugh at this, but if you are going to commit you should consider the facts.

1.) Shake Space – Does it have a space between the litter box and the exit to catch litter. I find the little bits of cat litter that get on the floor to be totally gross. I don’t want to see that or feel it on my feet. If you have the space, get one with two compartments so one will catch the exit litter and less gets on your floor.

2.) Door Opening – Which way to the doors open? I wanted to make mine look like a bench with plants and a pillow on top. For that reason, I wanted one that opened from the front so I don’t have to empty it each time I want to scoop. Some open from the top, but that seems like it might be tough to scoop and hold the top open.

3.) Room for storage – I wanted a box that would hold the nasty scoop inside so I don’t have to find another place to stash it. This might be too much but I love this “Antimicrobial Scoop & Caddy“. I love the idea but what in the heck does that mean? The cat poop scoop won’t have germs on it? Some of the furniture has enough space to hold spare litter, which is also nice.

Review of the Cat Washroom

I purchased the cat washroom from overstock. Pros: it had the pass-through area that catches the exit litter when they step out. It opened in front, which I like. It can pass for cabinet and it effectively hides the box and some of the smell. Unfortunately my cats prefer using it to the great outdoors.

The con: It was a lot of pieces, but it didn’t take that long to put together. It’s also kind of a bear to clean. It has to be vacuumed out regularly because litter gets stuck in the corners.

I would buy it again? Yes I would, but I’m not sure I would take on three kittens again. I wish I could trade him for a cat that woke up later.

Cat Litter Box Cabinet

Have you tried to hide your cat litter box? If so, please share your photos in the comments. If you are looking for clever pet furniture you can make yourself, check out this great resource from Gail at

How to hide a cat litter box in your home

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