Entryway Cabinets for Small Spaces

Does your home have an entryway? We come in the back door and there is no “entryway” in the front of our house. You walk right into the living room. Does anyone identify with this? I don’t know if this is true of most homes built before a certain time, but there are lots of homes without formal entry areas.

Entry cabinet

You can build in a place in your home near a door that functions as an entry even if you don’t have an official area. Below are some ideas for how to set up an entryway that will help you stay organized and still look nice. I’ll also share my favorite entry cabinets under $250.

I’m teaming up with some blogging friends to share their entry spaces, and some are even decorated for the season.

5 things that Make Your Entryway Work For You

Every entry, front or back, needs a space to capture all of the stuff you bring in. These are the five essentials of an entryway.

General Junk Storage

Storage is the most important part of any entryway solution. It can be drawers, baskets, cubbies or whatever helps you to corral your things. In a small house with kids this is even more important because you know more junk comes in and it gets dumped by the door.

If you’re a house where the shoes come off at the door, you should have a shoe storage. If you bring the mail in the door and dump it, you need a trey or basket.

Dedicated Key spot

Are you the kind of person that is always losing your keys? For me, a set place to put my keys saves me so much time. I have spent hours of my life trying to figure out where I put my keys, but not since I have a dedicated hook for them.


This is the fun part. Of course you want your entryway to look good. You can do this by adding artwork, a beautiful lamp, plants or a fun tray. My back entryway cabinet is red and that makes is stand out. I’ve added plants, art and pillows to mine to give it some extra pizazz.

red entry

Entry Rug

Every entryway must have a rug. Rugs can catch the dirt from the outdoors and add tons of character to your space. I have an old wool rug in my entryway. You can read here why I think wool is the best material for places like entries. My favorite place to find one of a kind small rugs is ETSY but you can also find some great synthetic indoor/outdoor rugs at Target and Overstock.

Favorite Entry Cabinets Under $250

You don’t have to spend a lot to get an entryway cabinet that works for your space. Here are my favorites for under $250, plus a few baskets that I like to use for entry storage. I really like baskets with lids for an entry if you don’t have drawers.

Entryway Cabinet Inspiration

Now is the fun part where you can see creative ideas that other people have for their entryways. Before you go you might also like best door mats and guide to washable rugs , which are good for entry areas,

Grandma’s House DIY – Creating Hidden Storage In Your Entryway

creating hidden storage in you entryway

Chas’ Crazy Creations – Side Table Makeover

Life At Bella Terra – Hidden Storage In the Front Hall

The House On Silverado – Decorate Your Front Entryway for Fall

fall entryway

Try to add these five things to your entryway and your house will feel more organized.

entryway cabinets

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  1. Oh I really like this post Andrea. You’re so right and we always need more storage. Great tips, thanks for sharing, and wonderful hopping with you!

  2. The red color on that cabinet is stunning. I gravitate toward neutral colors usually, but that red is WOWZA! Love all your storage suggestions! Fun to “hop” with you again, too!
    -Niky @ The House on Silverado

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