Modern Floor Lamps for Your Living Room

Do you have a dark living room? Living rooms are often the biggest rooms in our home. Sometimes if we don’t have lots of natural light, they can also be the darkest.

A designers rule of thumb for lighting is that every room needs at least three sources of light. If you don’t, lamps are a great way to get more light. Floor lamps are often an overlooked source of light. They are also a huge style element even if you want a more modern look. A floor lamp doesn’t have to look like Grandma’s house.

I’ve broken down some of the modern floor lamps I like according to price range.

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Modern Floor Lamps for Less than $100

Prices change, and these prices are the best I have as of February 2021. For a bargain on floor lamps you can’t beat IKEA and Target. You can get floor lamps at both of these places for less than $100.

Be sure you check when you buy a lamp whether the price includes a shade. This can be a sneaky way to make a lamp seem inexpensive. The shade alone can be $25-$100 depending on where you buy them.

  • This Ranarp lamp from IKEA is better suited for task lighting. It doesn’t light the whole room but it is great for reading under or anything where you want focused light. I like the black and brass details and you can’t beat the price. (also comes in white).
  • IKEA’s Fyxnas lamp adds a lot of coziness and warmth to a room and it’s only $35.
  • Target Madrot glass lamp for $80. This lamp comes in brass and black. It’s one of those lights where you can see the bulb, so you should get an Edison type bulb. You can read more about that here.
  • Britech Midcentury modern lamp – This one is $90.
  • Possini Euro brushed nickel lamp – This one has a bonus place to put your drink.

Modern Floor lamps for $100-$200

In this price range I still like Target and Lamps Plus.

Modern Floor Lamps over $200

There are too many lamps to choose from in this category. If you can afford this category, it’s a great way to really up the look of your living room. My first purchase when we moved into our new house was an arched floor lamp from Ballard.

When you are thinking of floor lamps, try to think of them as a piece that will be with you for a long time. These are things that you can use from move to move. It might be worth it to get one that you really love. Lighting is like jewelry for your house. Lamps can add a real touch of bling to a room. Take a look at these if you don’t believe it.

If these are outside your budget, as they are for me, just wait for a sale. I like to shop for more expensive floor lamps at Pottery Barn, Lamps Plus and Ballard Designs.

How to get the most light out of a floor lamp

Bulbs make a difference. Many floor lamps take bulbs up to 150 watts and some take multiple bulbs. Be sure if your room needs light you use the biggest bulb your lamp will take. Also check to see if the lamps takes a three way bulb.

learn more lamps and lighting, check out these posts that cover all the details to make sure you get the right lamp for your space. Click here to learn more about light bulbs. For a living room I like to use soft white bulbs.

I hope you’ll try adding a floor lamp to your living room if you don’t want to spend the money for wiring a light fixture.

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