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Easy Curtain For Privacy In A Bathroom Window

bathroom curtain for privacy

Do you feel like you’re being watched in the shower? I’ve got a bathroom that has a beautiful, large window. The natural light makes the room. Unfortunately my guests are reluctant to use the toilet because the window is wide open to the back yard. I’ve only got two bathrooms, so this is the only one I want my guests to use.

It’s been like that for over a year, but I have company coming for the holidays so I decided to put up a quick fix curtain.

If you have a room that is in need of a quick, inexpensive window covering for privacy try this simple solution. It took only one hour, so I’m not sure why I procrastinated about it for so long. I’m not very good at sewing, so my seems are a little crooked, but no one but me will notice. Done is better than perfect in this case.

Supplies Needed for Simple Bathroom Curtain

The supplies you will need depend on the size window you are trying to cover.

  • Curtain Rod – In bathrooms I like to use spring rods because I don’t want a heavy looking curtain rod (or a heavy curtain). My window is pretty wide, so I went with a long oval spring rod, but not a shower curtain rod because these are heavy and the rod itself is large.
  • Fabric – Instead of buying fabric I purchased a shower curtain from Target that I could cut to size. It was only $15 for a large amount of “fabric”. I like the fringed bottom because I can use that part for my curtain. There are many great shower curtains at Target in every pattern and color for really reasonable prices.
  • Iron
  • Measuring tape
  • Needle and thread (or sewing machine)

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Supplies for No Sew Curtain

You can make a simple no sew option of the same curtain if you add a few supplies. There are two options. You can make a rod pocket and seal fabric pocket with glue OR you can use a rod with curtain rings instead of a pocket.

  • Curtain Rod – This rod would work if you want to use curtain rings to hang the drape. You will need to mount the curtain rod instead of using a spring rod if you use curtain rings because they are heavier.
  • Fabric Glue – If you don’t sew you can hem up the top or the bottom (I’ll explain why below) with fabric glue.
  • Curtain rings – How many you need depends on how wide the curtain is. I like to use a ring about every six inches.

Steps to Assemble simple Bathroom curtain

I like to use a pre-made shower curtain because it means that most of the sewing is done for me. I just have to cut the curtain to size.

  1. The first step with any curtain project (and just about any home project you can think of) is to measure the window you want to cover. I didn’t want a full curtain. Normally you would want at least 2x as much fabric as the window is wide to make the curtain look full. You might choose not to cover the entire window depending on the privacy level you want.
  2. Before you cut the fabric, determine the length of you want your finished curtain to be. In my example, 24 inches.
  3. If you will use a rod pocket, measure the distance around the rod with a soft measuring tape. Add 3/4 inches to that measurement for “ease”. This means that you don’t want the pocket to be exactly as large as the rod because then you can’t slide the rod inside the pocket easily.
  4. Measure up from the bottom of the curtain and mark with a pencil in the fabric. In my case, up 27 inches from the bottom. Cut your pre-made shower curtain, leaving the base untouched. The length to cut the fabric is: length of finished curtain + circumference of rod + 3/4 inches for ease + 1/4 inch for seam In my case this was 27 inches.
  5. Fold curtain over from the top and press the fold. The fold should be equal to: circumference of rod + 3/4 inches for ease + 1/4 inch divided by 2. In my case this fold was at 1 1/2 inches.
  6. Fold 1/4 inch from the raw edge under and press.
  7. Sew along your 1/4 inch fold to enclose the rod pocket.
  8. Insert the rod into the pocket and mount the curtain.

Steps to Assemble No Sew Bathroom curtain

  1. Measure the window you want to cover.
  2. Determine the length of you want your curtain to be.
  3. If you will use curtain rings to hand the curtain, mount your rod and hand the rings so you can get an accurate measurement from the bottom of the curtain ring clip to where you want the curtain to hit at the base.
  4. Measure down from the top of the curtain and mark with a pencil on the fabric. Cut your pre-made shower curtain, leaving the top untouched. The length to cut the fabric is: length of finished curtain + 1 inch for a hem.
  5. Fold curtain under 1 inch at the bottom and press the fold.
  6. Fold the bottom 1/2 inch up inside the 1 inch fold, to give the curtain weight at the base. Press the fold.
  7. Glue the fold closed.
  8. Clip your finished curtain to the rings.

You can also make a no sew curtain using the steps above with a rod pocket instead of clips, but instead of sewing the rod pocket, apply glue.

Curtain for privacy in your bathroom

If you need to cover up a window in your bathroom, there’s an easy solution that only requires one seam or some fabric glue. This example uses a pre-made shower curtain altered to fit your bathroom. You can do this with almost any size bathroom window.

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  1. I love no sew projects and this one is so cute and useful. I did something like this for our master bathroom that didn’t have a door! Crazy right? Thanks for sharing

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