Simple DIY Record Holder – Display Your Vinyl Collection Like Art

Vinyl records have made a comeback and they are a fun thing to display. If you have a teenager, they are excited to display their vinyl record collection like wall art.

I experimented with a quick DIY way to display records. It’s something anyone can do and it doesn’t take long. You don’t need any power tools, just a screwdriver and a hammer.

It’s the perfect way to have art that you can swap out whenever your mood changes. This isn’t a good way to store a large collection, but it’s fun to display whatever you’re into at the moment and put more storage below.

Supplies You Will Need

The supplies you will need:

  • 1×2 inch wood trim
  • Stain of choice, you could use coats of polyurethane over the top if you want a shiny finish.
  • Tacks – I used these upholstery tacks
  • Hanging bracket – you can use this type of bracket or any picture hanging bracket that is not deep.
  • Cabinet bumpers – I used these to block the gap between the wood trim and the wall
  • Level – did you know you can use your phone to do this if you don’t have one?
  • Small wood screws or nails, depending on the type of hanger you use.

I had wood scraps that were 3/4-inch x 1 1/2-inch. This is not a standard size, but it was there. You could use pieces of wood left over from another project as long as the size suits you.

Keep in mind that an album cover is 12 inches square. You want a piece of wood that is at least 25 inches long. A better size would be 1-inch x 2-inch trim that you can find at any Home Depot.

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Steps to Make Display Shelf

The nice thing about this project is that vinyl records are light. You don’t have to worry about mounting something to your wall that has to hold a lot of weight. In fact, this could be done with command strips. If you decide to use command strips beware of what they can do to your drywall when you pull them off.

It’s a very simple design that you can do in a free afternoon.

  1. Cut your trim to the length that you want for your shelf. Keep in mind that records are 12″ square. If you want to put three records on one shelf you’ll need 36 inches minimum. I used two 34-inch scraps so I didn’t have to cut anything. Home Depot sells precut pieces of 1×2 that are 36 inches if you don’t want to do any cutting.
  2. Stain your wood trim. You can get 8oz of Varathane stain at Home Depot in a variety of finishes. Allow the stain to dry.
  3. Attach the picture brackets to 2 ends of the wood trim on the 2-inch side. Put the cabinet bumpers on the back between the brackets, this keeps any records from falling back behind the shelf.
  4. Using a pencil and a level, mark where you want the first shelf to hang.
  5. Mount the trim. I used two 1/4 inch long screws in drywall. This doesn’t have to support much weight, so I didn’t use drywall brackets or a stud finder. It’s just not necessary if you are hanging a little bit of trim

Here is the final project. His favorite album cover was also the inspiration for the color palette and green paint in his room.

diy record holder

What Could Make This Project Better?

I don’t know if I’m critical or I just think about how to improve things but I always find things I would do differently with every DIY project.

If I had the tools, I would use small cuts of wood to make a lip at the front of each shelf that holds the record on instead of using upholstery tacks. Maybe I will add these using wood glue at a later date.

I would use pieces of trim that are at least 36″ so that each row could hold three records. I hope this helps and happy building!

Other Fun Ways to Display Records

If you don’t want to MAKE something to display your records, here are a few ideas that you can buy. You can show off your vinyl collection with these storage ideas that are a step above wooden crates.

  • This cube shelving unit comes in birch, walnut, black and white. You can customize the size and even group them together for a coffee table where you could conveniently put your record player.
  • This one doubles as display and storage. It’s a really unique design compared to a wooden box.
  • Target carries cubes that can be stacked in wood or white.
  • If you want to use a clear plastic shelf, this is a cleaner look and a great way to display a set of 6
  • IKEA’s Kallax unit is a great option for record storage. Each cube is 13 inches.

ETSY is the perfect place to find one-of-a-kind options if you don’t have time to go to antique shops.

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  1. Andrea, I have an old vinyl album collection. I’m not sure the covers are in the greatest condition but this would be a more attractive way to access them. Thanks for sharing. Glad teenagers are loving vinyl records again!

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