9 Decorating Projects You Can Do For Less than $50

You might find yourself stuck at home suddenly with more time on your hands then you ever thought possible. You are probably also be feeling a little cash-strapped right now.

This doesn’t mean you have to give up on home decorating/home improvement projects. In fact, it might be the perfect time to do them. When are you going to be at home for this long again? For many of us the answer is never!

So put on your thinking cap and decide which projects you’ve been putting off. They might not even require a shopping trip.

1.) Rearrange the furniture in one room for a fresh new look

This is a totally free home decorating project. I have a post about how to rearrange your furniture you can refer to. Basically, you start by moving everything out. You probably have lots of helpers who are also stuck at home.

living room couch

The first thing you move back in is the most important piece of furniture. For a living room it’s the sofa, for the bedroom it’s the bed. It’s a good time to clean up all the cobwebs behind your furniture too. Move that big piece around and try it in every possible spot before you settle on one place.

Follow the large furniture by moving in the secondary furniture like additional seating, case goods (dressers, nighstands, TV cabinets).

2.) Paint that piece of furniture that you hate

We all have one and paint is the cheapest way to transform a piece of furniture. I personally love to use chalk paint because I don’t like to sand before I paint. I’m always in too big of a hurry to finish up. You can get some inspiration from looking at this hutch I painted with chalk paint.

If you don’t have paint on hand, no problem. You can order paint chalked paint from Home Depot or Amazon and have it delivered.

I use affiliate links so I can afford to keep doing this.  Hope it saves you time. See my disclosure policy.

3.) Sew a Curtain for one Window that is bare

If you like to sew you know that it always takes more than than you think it will. Guess what? Now you have so many hours to fill up it’s the perfect time to break out your needle and thread.

You can order fabric online or even order a curtain and make it your own. I recently made a curtain for our bathroom starting with a shower curtain from Target. Take a look at this simple curtain project perfect for sewing beginners.

4.) rearrange your mantle

You don’t have to buy anything new to get a fresh, new look on your mantle. You can take everything off the mantle and redecorate it with seasonal flowers, books, a lantern.

If you’re lucky enough to have a mantle, it’s most likely a focal point so changing it up can give your room a new look.

5.) Replace some Art (or even make some yourself)

If you are like most people you hang something on the wall and it never leaves that spot until you are moving. Moving around your art can be a great way to change the way a room looks. I’ve got artwork stored in my closet from our last house that I can’t bear to part with. If you don’t, you can also try making your own.

I’ve been wanting to take a painting class and I recently saw this abstract painting course on sale. I’m so tempted to do it right now. What better time right?

6.) Buy a New Piece of Furniture on Facebook

It can take time to search through all of the different furniture that’s on Facebook. Sometimes it’s not very well described by the seller so it can take some poking around. If you are looking for a new piece of furniture, try searching on Facebook. With everyone at home, it’s easy to schedule a pickup.

You don’t even have to get close to another human to buy something. I found a great set of metal chairs, 6 for $35.

metal chairs found on Facebook

7. paint one room a new color

You can do this for less than $50 if you own the rollers. Paint can be one of the fastest ways to transform a room. It can also make a room look fresh and clean. If you don’t have the paint on hand, you an order it online. You can also order from Home Depot and pick up there without even interacting with another human.

Sometimes we put off painting because it can take all day, but you probably have all day so order that paint and get started. If you can’t decide what color to paint, see this post about how to choose a paint color.

8. paint your front door

My front door is black and it looks SOOO dirty. It also has about 1000 coats of paint.

I’ve been waiting for the right time to do this one. In my neighborhood you have to get approval to make any changes to the exterior of your home, but I’m guessing at this time there are no city inspectors out and about.

I’m going to paint and hope no one notices or cares. I want to paint it a shade of red. This is my current front door, but not for long.

9. make paper flowers

Before we learned we wouldn’t be having people over for Easter I was planning a new table centerpiece decoration. I stumbled on Lia Griffith‘s web site where she teaches you how to make paper flowers. Her paper flowers are beyond belief beautiful.

I bought the Peony crepe flower kit to try. I’ll be sharing the final result (bad or good) in the next few days.


You don’t have to go on shopping spree to improve the look of your home. Paint is my number one project for changing the way a room looks without spending a lot of money. You can change and refresh so much with just a coat of paint, paint furniture, paint a room, paint your front door. Painting is the perfect project to fill up time.

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