What Is A Rod Pocket Curtain? And Where You Should Never Put One

There are many different ways to hang or mount curtains. Rod pocket curtains hang from a pocket that is built into the fabric. The rod goes inside the top of the curtain just like your arm goes into your shirt sleeve.

There are different header types within the rod pocket category. Some rod pocket curtains have the pocket right at the top of the drape and some have a header, or a block of fabric at the top. The header size can vary. It tends to add a soft casual feeling the curtain.

curtain with header/no header

Pros and Cons of Rod Pocket Curtains

  • Hard To Move – The biggest con of a rod pocket curtain is that it’s difficult to move. They rarely slide across the rod with any amount of ease. It’s more like a tug of war to get them to move open and closed.
  • Easy to Make – The biggest pro for rod pocket curtains is that they are very easy to make.
  • Inexpensive – This tends to be one of the curtain mounts that is the least expensive.

Where Rod Pocket Curtains Are Best Used

Because they are so difficult to maneuver they tend to work best in rooms where you don’t want to open and close the drapes. Think about your dining room, your kitchen or your office. Do you frequently want to open and close the drapes in these rooms? Probably not.

They ARE NOT great for bedrooms because you might want to open and close the curtains in the morning and evening.

How To Make Rod Pocket Curtains Slide Easier?

What if you already have rod pocket curtains and you just want to be able to open and close them more easily? Here are three tips.

  1. Make sure the rod is small. One thing that makes your drapes hard to move is that the fit around the rod is tight. Consider replacing your rods with narrower ones.
  2. Use smooth metal rods. Metal is an easier surface for the fabric to slide over vs wood, which tends to be grabbier.
  3. Buy rings and convert your rod pocket curtains to ring curtains, which slide open and shut easily. You can even fold the top of your curtain over and clip that in the ring so you don’t have to hem them.

What is a Rod Pocket vs A Grommet Curtain?

Sometimes a picture can be worth a thousand words. Here are two types of drapes, a rod pocket and a grommet. I love the curtains at Pottery Barn (if I could afford to put them everywhere I would). I don’t like grommet curtains, although they are easier to open and close I don’t like the metal ring INSIDE the fabric.

The rod pocket curtain here is the Belgian Flax Rod Pocket. The grommet curtain here is Emery grommet curtain. This post explains all of the different mounting methods for curtains,

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