Quickie DIY Valentines garland, one of five ways to make it memorable

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to bring a little Valentine’s Day into your house this year? I like to use garlands for lots of holidays, not just Christmas.

This valentine’s day garland is one of those DIY projects that any beginner can do. It involves only cutting, no sewing. There are adorable stitched heart garlands with yarn pompoms, but I don’t have a pom-pom maker or time to make pom-poms. 🤣

heart garland

This is a quick 20-minute craft that doesn’t require any special tools. Valentine’s is NOT a holiday that I spend a ton of time decorating because I’ve just finished taking down Christmas decorations.

Supplies for Valentines Garland

The supplies for this are pretty limited. You can get the supplies at Michaels’s stores or Joann’s. I like to use the stiffened felt sheets vs the soft ones because it’s easier. If you already have felt, you can cut a cardboard backing.

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The heart garland is so easy to make. You don’t even have to draw out the hearts. It’s cuter if they are all slightly different, instead of all the same perfect size.

If you don’t have stiff felt you can cut a heart-shaped piece of cardboard and glue it to the back of the heart. For this, it works well if you use really thin cardboard, like a cereal box or a gift box.

  1. Make a fold in the felt and cut a heart shape
  2. Cut a small slit in one corner of the heart, not in the middle of the heart because you want them to hang at an angle
  3. Run the string through the corner of each heart

That’s it. The hearts don’t tend to move around on the twine because they are made from stiff felt.

You can watch a video tutorial here.

If you’re more interested in buying a garland, here are really cute options that are inexpensive and most have free shipping.

Vintage music heart garland, wool ball and heart garland, wood beads garland, scrapbook paper garland

Places to Hang a Strand of Garland

What’s nice about garland is that you can use it in so many places, besides a mantle or down a staircase rail. Garlands are a simple way to add seasonal decor without a lot of work because you can simply drape them over things.

If you have a shorter garland you can hang it over a picture frame or a window or doorway. You can also place it over a mirror or in a house plant. They also look nice hung over the front door.

Quick Ways Get Into the Valentine’s Spirit

I’m terrible about blowing off holidays, but I realized it’s because it’s a lot of work. It doesn’t have to be. You don’t need bins of decorations to make holidays memorable.

As women, we compare ourselves to every other person we know, and even those we know only virtually. We set ourselves up for such an unreachable goal around every holiday. That’s not even how “influencers” live their lives, it’s just the pretty picture that they share of the one perfect thing.

I want the feeling that holiday traditions give you and the memories that go with them. You can build small meaningful traditions around each holiday without it taking over your calendar. Try adding one thing for each of your five senses.

  • Sight – A garland, heart mugs or a simple red centerpiece or make these really cute Valentine gift bags.
  • Sound – Valentine’s day playlist. Thanks to Apple music and Spotify, there are already great playlists if you don’t want to create your own. Music more than anything else sparks memories.
  • Touch – This is an easy one for Valentine’s day. 😘
  • Taste – I like to make heart-shaped french toast
  • Smell – I am not a candle person (don’t hate me) but I like to use essential oils and I have these wool balls that are used to hold the smell. Check Trader Joe’s. For Valentine’s I like geranium, which is a floral smell.

How you feel is greatly influenced by all your senses, not just what you can see. Take advantage of that.

Happy Valentine’s day.

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  1. Andrea, I love making Valentine garland and have yet to do it with felt. You have inspired me! Plus I love that curtain with the reversible fabric….may do something like that for my small bathroom window in the pool house? Thanks for sharing the inspiration.

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