DIY Custom Gift Box – Three Options for Christmas

Will you miss gathering with your family and friends this year? I know I won’t be seeing most of my family. I decided it’s a good year for a DIY custom gift box. I want each one to have a theme and I’ll box everything up together in a wood crate.

This year it’s more important than ever to shop early (which I’m usually terrible at). I’m hearing whispers that because of shipping overload if you wait until the last minute, your gifts might not get there in time.

This year I’m turning to my favorite shopping addiction, ETSY, to come up with some unique custom gift boxes. I don’t have all of the goodies in my possession yet, but this will give you food for thought. The GREAT THING ABOUT ETSY is that its really a collection of small businesses. You can talk to the shop owners if you get custom items, and there are lots of them.

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Diy Gift Box for Plant Lovers

The gift box for my niece who works for Martha Stewart Magazine has a plant theme. She is pretty impressive, and she doesn’t read this so I’m safe. She is really into plants this year and she has been living through quarantine in a 400 square foot apartment. The theme is going to be pets and plants, both of which she loves.

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DIY gift box for pet lovers

We have all been spending a lot of time with the pets in our family this year. My sister in Minnesota has six dogs. She fosters (and keeps) dogs. You can see them at her lake house if you’re curious. She won’t be coming home this year for Christmas, but I have some ideas she will love for her animal family.

  • Dog mug – you can customize the background (lake, mountain, etc) and the dog breed with up to 100 options. You can fit up to six on one mug. This is such a cute idea.
  • Dog rescue Tshirt – This shirt comes in different sizes,colors, v-neck and crew neck. It even comes as a onesie for babies.
  • Dog portrait – This artist will make different sizes and color combinations. You just have to send in a photo of your pet.

DIY Gift box for Cooks

Around this time last year my nephew was getting married. What a strange first year of marriage right? If you can get along through 2020, you can probably get along through anything.

They both like to cook so I’m going to lean into that. They love Indian food and all different types of ethnic cuisine and they are both good cooks.

One thing that’s important if you like to cook is a sharp chef’s knife and good cutting board. I worked at Williams-Sonoma when I was in college and I still have my Wusthof knives to this day. This Teakhaus cutting board was reviewed by America’s Test Kitchen and chosen as their favorite. I bought one for myself and I love it. We also bought this knife sharpener and it’s surprisingly good.

They like Indian food and I thought this Instant Pot Indian cookbook looked interesting. I added this three pack of Indian Spices to go with the book.

What kind of themed gift box will you mail out this year? Better get started.

diy custom gift box

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  1. Love the idea of customizing a box for a person. Your gift ideas are fantastic and I see a few I’ll be adding to my wish list this holiday season. Thank you so much for sharing all of these wonderful gift ideas.

  2. This is a great idea. I love the concept of customizing a collection of items to fit the recipient. I can think of so many ideas for this, I don’t know where to begin! Brilliant!

  3. Those dog planters are soooooo cute!! What great ideas!

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