Baby Yoda Christmas Tree Topper

This year is going to be a different kind of Christmas because many of us won’t be seeing our families. Why not make it a memorable year by doing something totally different? We will still put up our family tree up with all of the traditional ornaments, this will just be an extra one. My sister who can sew anything helped me make it when I went to visit recently.

Baby Yoda Christmas Tree topper

This is the type of tree that I can see other people in my family scratching their head at. I’m a child of the 80s and I loved Star Wars. This won’t be our only tree, but it’s something funny and different that we will remember.

If you like this baby Yoda tree topper I hope you will come back and see all of the Star Wars ornaments I’ll be making to go with it. It’s going to be a Star Wars Christmas tree unlike any of the ones you have seen online (or anything I’ve seen).

Materials to make Baby Yoda tree topper

To make the baby Yoda you will need these items:

  • A cup that is the right size to fit the top of your tree. You can use a plastic cup as large as you need it to be.
  • 1 yard of brown fleece fabric (or as little as you can find)
  • 1 yard of green fleece fabric(or as little as you can buy)
  • 1 yard of pink fleece fabric (or as little as you can buy)
  • Glue gun, liquid stitch or thread and needle, you can make this with glue or with a thread and needle.
  • An old sock
  • Rice to fill the head (or any grain)
  • Large black buttons

Steps to Make the Baby Yoda Tree Topper

Here’s how you make the tree topper. I’ll give you steps to make it with glue or thread.

cut the robe

  1. Measure your plastic cup and add two inches to the height. This will make it so that you can fold the top over.
  2. Measure around the bottom of your cup (which will be the top of the tree topper).
  3. Use these measurements to cut a mountain-shaped piece of brown fleece.

cut the arms for baby yoda

  • Cut the squares for the arms. The size will depend on how big your cup is. I made the arms about 1/4 as long as the body. You will want to cut the arms to be twice as wide as you want them to be.
  • Sew or glue three side of the arms together. If you glue them, let the glue dry thoroughly before turning the arms inside out.
  • Glue or sew the arms to the top of the body.
  • Glue or sew the body closed. If you are using glue, be sure to let it dry before continuing.

Make the head for baby yoda

  • Take an old sock (or new if you prefer) and stretch it over a cup.
  • Pour 1/2 cup to 1 cup of grains into the top. You can always add more if yo decide the head is too small.
  • Pull the sock off and close it with a rubber band.
  • Cut a square of green fleece fabric and place that around the head.
  • Poke a hole in the bottom of your cup and poke the fabric through.

make Baby Yoda’s ears

To make the ears you will need to cut four leaf shaped pieces of fleece. I cut the green piece slightly larger than the pink part so the pink will look like an interior of the ear. Put the wrong sides of the fabric together and glue the two long sides together, leaving the bottom open. If you prefer to sew these together that’s fine too.

Turn the ears right side out and hand-stitch or glue the ears to the head.

assemble The baby yoda Christmas Tree Topper

Now that you have the head and ears together it’s time for the final steps. Glue the eyes on and let them dry overnight.

The last step is to pull the robe up over the cup. The extra length at the top will give you room to fold the neck over.

I don’t have my tree out yet so I will update the post as soon as I get him up on the tree.

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  1. This is AWESOME!!!!! Oh my goodness, I’m showing my family right now. We have a robot Yoda and we have the best time with him. You can change out his stick or lightsaber and he says different things. When he moves his lightsaber around he cracks me up. May the force be with you my friend!

  2. Laurie Shields says:

    I love seeing Yoda completed. Yes, your sister can sew anything. Has she shared the pictures she has taken lately while on walks? I think the two of you could make note cards! I look forward to next week’s news.

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