Easy Valentines Centerpiece

Are you wondering where January went? It’s almost Valentine’s day. We’ve never been a couple that celebrates big on Valentine’s day. Maybe it’s because our anniversary is a few days later, or our REAL anniversary is a few days before.

We got married by “Elvis” in Las Vegas a few weeks before our church wedding. My husband is a huge Elvis fan and we thought it would be fun to do just the two of us. I don’t love Vegas because I don’t gamble, but it was so fun. It also took away all the pressure from the church wedding day so that we could just enjoy it.

Back to Valentine’s, we are going to have a small Valentine’s breakfast at home. Today I’m hopping with a group of other talented bloggers. Be sure to scroll to the bottom to see all of their crafty DIY projects.

Materials for a simple Valentine’s Centerpiece

I’m going to spray paint a small planter. I’ve become a big fan of spray paint as a quick way to transform things you’re tired of in your house. I used a metal planter from IKEA that has been sitting outside by my fence for too long.

easy valentines centerpiece
  • Planter – This is a white metal planter, but you could use any planter that fits your table
  • Painters tape
  • Manilla folders
  • Sray paint
  • Marbles

Instructions for a simple valentines planter

To make this planter into a centerpiece I wanted to paint it red and add a few hearts to it. As with all spray paint projects, be sure to tape off everything that you don’t want to get painted. Spray paint tends to travel to unexpected places.

  • Cut hearts out of a manilla folder or any stiff piece of paper.
  • Tape the back with double stick tape, all around the edges.
  • Apply the hearts to your planter and press down firmly.
  • Spray paint the planter using quick light passes with your spray paint can. Wait for it to dry.
  • Remove the hearts and clean up the edges. You can do this with your fingernail, a scraper or a little bit of alcohol on a paper towel. The spray paint comes off easily when it has recently been applied.

I used the planter as a decorative table caddy with some cute napkins and cups filled with silverware marbles. I plan to use it when we have our valentines breakfast, a heart shaped stuffed french toast.

Now, take a look at these other ideas for Valentine’s day

Enjoy! Hope this gives you some inspiration.

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  1. Your centerpiece is so lovely Andrea! The perfect Valentine’s touch without being overwhelming. And happy early Anniversary!

  2. How sweet to have been married by “Elvis” in Vegas! I love your story! And I love your Valentin’s caddy made for that special day! Have a Happy Anniversary and Valentine’s celebration!

  3. What a wonderfully sweet memory your Elvis wedding is! And happy anniversary.
    The upcycled planter is a lovely way to add that special touch to a table. I really need to use spray paint more often. Your project has given me fresh incentive.
    Thank you again for pulling this hop together.

  4. I’ve used stickers to create a similar technique, and I love how your pretty Valentine centerpiece turned out! Thanks for organizing the hop! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  5. Wow that was simple and easy! Thanks for co-hosting the hop!


  6. So cute Andrea! It looks adorable on your table! Thank you for the tutorial, and for hosting our hop!

  7. How cute and useful is that! I think I need one of these for my table. Thank you so much for sharing and wonderful hopping with you!

  8. Andrea, that is so cute, and so quick and easy! Well…you make it look quick and easy! I have such a difficult time with stencils and the like and have a feeling my spray paint would still seep under some corner of those hearts! Yours turned out perfectly! I love the story of your Elvis wedding! Happy Anniversary you two lovebirds!!

  9. Isn’t it amazing what a little spray paint can do?! Your planter makes a festive Valentine’s Day centerpiece! So fun you got married by “Elvis”. Thanks for all your organizing efforts and happy to be hopping with you again. ♥

  10. Great IKEA hack, Andrea. I love spray paint too. I’m just waiting for a day that isn’t cold for some projects. It turned out really cute for Valentine’s decor. Thank you for hosting.

  11. Andrea, what a cute idea! I love the transformation to a sweet centerpiece. Also love the silver marbles….you’ve got me thinking on how to use those! Thanks for sharing my Valentine table for two! You are the best.

  12. Oh that is DARLING Andrea! And I love that you were married by Elvis! 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing my Valentines table – that’s so sweet of you! Happy Valentines my friend!

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