DIY Apron Tutorial: Create Your Own Apron!

If you’re in search of a simple, fun sewing project, you’ve landed in the right place! This DIY apron pattern is a great way to try out basic sewing skills and make a beautiful, practical item for your kitchen or a great gift for a loved one. With large handy pockets, this apron is perfect for holding oven mitts or a tea towel while you cook.

The best thing about a custom apron is that you can make the length fit perfectly. Since I’m only 5’1″ most of my aprons have to be folded over in the middle to be short enough. After 50+ years I finally have one that is the right length.

custom aprton

Materials list


Before you start, remember to wash, dry, and iron your fabric. This will ensure the final product doesn’t shrink after its first wash.

Cutting the fabric

  • Trace the apron template on the fabric.  I used an existing apron to get the shape and dimensions and traced 1 inch wider in all dimensions to allow for seams.
  • Two waist ties measuring approx 1″ x 34″ each
  • One neck strap measuring approx 1″ x 24″
  • Cut a piece of fabric approx 8″ wide x 17″ long for the pocket.  I used a different fabric for the pocket.
  • Cut a separate piece of fabric from the same fabric as the apron for securing the neck strap (see pictures).  Roughly 91/2″x51/2″.

Sewing the apron

I used a 1/4″ seam allowance unless otherwise noted. 

  • Start by sewing the hem of the apron.  Press 1/4″ hem along the bottom, then folded it over on itself and press again to form the hem.  Sew a straight line along the bottom edge.  
  • Next sew the sides of the apron.  Again, press 1/4″ along each side, then fold it over on itself and press again to form the sides.  Sew a straight stitch line along each side (just to the curved edges of the template)
  • Sew the neck strap to the top of the apron.  Secure the neck strap by pinning it to the right side of the top of the apron.  Leave about 1″ on either side to allow for the seam.  Place the smaller neck piece right sides to the top of the apron and sew the two pieces together along the top.  Make sure to catch the neck strap in the seam. 
  • Open the small neck piece and lay it flat.  Press 1/4″ along the sides and top of the neck piece, then fold it over on itself and press again.  
  • Continue along the curve of the apron to press 1/4″ curving to 1/2″.  
  • Tuck the side straps inside the fold at each corner, then fold it over on itself and press again.  Pin the side straps in place.
  • Lay the neck fabric piece back in place against the apron, wrong side to wrong side. 
  • Sew a seam along the folded edge on each side from the neck strap to the side strap.  Back stitch along the side strap to make it secure. 
secure side strap
  • Prepare the pocket.  Press 1/4″ in on all sides of the pocket, then fold it over on itself and press again. Sew along the fold.
  • Center the pocket on the apron front and pin it in place.  Sew a straight seam along 3 sides of the pocket, securing it to the apron.  Leave the top open. 
center pocket
  • Sew two vertical lines from top to bottom at the center of the pocket to divide it into 2 pockets. 
  • Finish the apron ties by folding the raw edges over twice then sew the fold. 
finish ties

Remember, aprons are a great way to protect your clothes from spills, but they are not immune to open flames, so be careful around the stove.

For variations on this simple apron, you can add a fun apron top, extra large pockets, or even integrate a fold of the bias tape around the outer edge for a contrast look.

I hope you’ve had a good time following this easy project and now have a fun apron to show for it! I’d love to see your new apron – share your apron photos!

As always, the best part about making your own apron is the freedom to choose whatever fabric design you love. Happy sewing!

finished apron

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