Chandelier Size Guide – How Big Should My Chandelier Be?

Do you want a chandelier for your table, bedroom or bathroom. It sounds so decadent in the bathroom. If you are in the market for a chandelier you might be wondering what size you should get.

Chandeliers can hang in so many places and they come in every style and finish. You don’t want your chandelier to look too puny or too large. There are a few guidelines that will help you choose the right size chandelier for your room.

The guidelines for size depend on where you will hang the chandelier. If it’s going to be in an open area or over a table. Believe it or not there’s a simple formula for how big your chandelier should be.

How big of a chandelier do I need in an Open Room?

Chandeliers are not just beautiful over a table. They can also make a beautiful statement in an entry, a bathroom, bedroom or even a closet (if you are lucky enough to have a large one).

Chandelier Size Guide

The math for how large your light fixture/chandelier should in an open room is pretty simple. Take the width of the room in feet and add that to the length of the room in feet. For example, my living room is 15 feet by 21 feet. The sum of those two is 36. A chandelier for my living room should be 36 inches wide.

Similarly, if you are hanging a chandelier in a bathroom that is 5 feet by 10 feet your chandelier should be around 15 inches wide. You don’t have to use the exact measurement that the calculation dictates, but the formula helps me to know that a 20 inch chandelier would look too small.

chandelier in a bedroom

Now that you know how wide your chandelier should be in an open room, let’s talk about the height. Generally the chandelier should be 2-3 inches per foot. A standard 8 foot ceiling would hold a 16 to 24 inch tall chandelier. However, if your ceilings are 8 feet, I would stick to the lower end of the range. You don’t want people to feel like they need to duck under a light fixture.

If you have 10 foot ceilings, you have more room to work with. If your chandelier will hang over a stairway, use the total height of the space to calculate the height of the light fixture.

How big of a chandelier do I need over a table?

Over a dining table, the math is a little different. First let’s talk about width. You take the width of your table and subtract 12 inches. If your table is 36 inches wide the width of the ideal chandelier would be 24 inches wide.

For the length of the table you want to make sure that the chandelier’s length is at least 12 inches less than the table.

For example, my table is 83 inches long, which would suggest I could use a chandelier up to 70 inches long. This is the rule that designers use. But if your table is really long, this might not be possible. It does help you to see that you need a pretty large fixture to have it look in proportion to your table. You can also consider hanging two lights over a single table.

For any table you will want to stick to this rule of thumb – keep the chandelier width 12 inches less than the width or length of the table. You don’t want people to bump into it when they stand up.

Does table shape impact the type of chandelier?

If your table is long and narrow, the width will limit how wide you should go (at least 12 inches less than the table). For a table that is greater than 60 inches in length you should consider a chandelier that is similarly shaped – long and narrow.

Here’s an example with a rectangular table from Ballard Designs and a chandelier from Ballard Designs. The calculation above suggests a chandelier size of 52 inches (64-12). First, this is not really a size that you could find, but it does help you to see that something 24 inches will look way too small. For this type of table something more linear will be a better fit.

chandelier size over rectangular table

The shape of your chandelier should complement the shape of the chandelier. A round table looks best with a chandelier that is either round or square. For long narrow tables you may want to consider a chandelier that is more rectangular than round.

This is an example with a round table from France & Sons paired with this West Elm chandelier.

chandelier size

You may notice as you start shopping for your chandelier, that there is no fixture that perfectly matches the dimensions you are looking for. The key is to find a light that isn’t too small or too large. These measurement rules are guidelines to help make sure you get close to the right proportion.

how low should a chandelier hang over a table?

Another way of thinking about this is what is the height of a chandelier over your table.

A chandelier hung over a table should be 30 to 34 inches above the bottom of the table. Your chandelier height should be close enough to the table that it will light up the table more than a ceiling light would. But you also don’t want the light to be so close that people hit their heads when they stand up from the table.

If you have a fixture that hangs from a chain, it is easy to adjust the height of your chandelier after you live with it for a few days. If your chandelier appears to have a fixed height because it has a pole (like this one) it’s harder to adjust the length, but not impossible.

how to lengthen a chandelier (so it hangs lower)

If you need to make your chandelier longer so it will hang closer to a your dining room table you probably need to add more wire.

The first step is to turn the breaker off to your light and disconnect the screws that hold the light fixture up. Sometimes there is extra wire wrapped up inside the fixture. If there isn’t, this post explains how to do extend the wires that even if you aren’t very handy.

You can easily make the chain longer if it hangs on a chain. If it hangs on a pole you can usually buy a longer pole in a finish that matches your fixture. Here are some examples.

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How to Shorten a Chandelier (so it hangs Higher)

If you have the opposite problem it’s solved in basically the same way. To raise your chandelier so it hangs farther from the dining room table you might be able to pull the wires up in side the ceiling. If not, you will need to shorten the wires/chain or rod.

The method for shortening the wires is much the same as it is for lengthening it. You trim the wires after you have the breaker shut off. You can take links out of the chain if it hangs from a chain. You can also get a shorter rod if your chandelier doesn’t hang from a chain.

How to Hang Multiple Chandeliers/Pendants?

If you have a very long table you might want to consider hanging more than one light fixture. You can hang two smaller scale chandeliers or two pendant lights. Be sure to hang multiple fixtures at least 26 to 28 inches apart.

Also make sure that no fixture comes closer than 6 inches from the edges of the table.

Can a Chandelier be too big?

A chandelier can be too large for a space, just like it can be too small. Most people make the mistake of putting a fixture that is too small rather than too large. If you stick close to the measurement guidelines above, the scale should be just right. Over a table use the length and width minus 12. Anything larger can look strange.

Should a chandelier be in the center of the room or the table?

If you are hanging a chandelier over a table that is NOT in the center of your dining room it should be hung centered over the table. If you hang it in the center of the room it can make your table feel like it’s in the wrong place.

Choosing the right size light for your room

If you are shopping for a chandelier, consider the size relative to the dimensions of your room. If you’re looking for a chandelier to hang above a table, focus more on the dimensions of your table. Use the formulas as a guide to help you look for something that will be proportional to your table.

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choosing the right size chandelier

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  1. What helpful information that I will definitely save for later. Happy Monday, sweet friend!?

  2. Whoa, where was this when we finally found something we liked for over our tavern room table? Fortunately, taking 3 years to find the right fixture, we ended up with one that was the correct size! This is such a great tool to keep in mind! I have pinned this for future reference! Thanks Andrea!!

  3. Mary from Life at Bella Terra says:

    Andrea, Another GREAT post! This is so informational. One of my friends just bought a very expensive chandelier and didn’t bother measuring her dining room table. Yep, the chandelier is oversized for the room and table. I wish I had seen your post as I would have sent it to her beforehand! This is a keeper!

  4. I have a table 120” x 39.5”. We have a vaulted ceiling. Would two round chandeliers 25.5” high, 35.5” wide be appropriate size?

    1. Yes that size would work. It can be hard to find the exact size you decide is right. If you find one you like and it’s not the exact right size, I recommend erring on the side of larger.

  5. Tamara K von Ouhl Kremer says:

    I have a living room that is sectioned into 3 rectangles by beams. I plan on putting the same chandelier in each section. 9×15 which is 24. If I like a 16″ square is that to small? Or do I go with the a 26 round? In order of preference 16″ but worried it will be to small in each section? There is a 26 which is 2″ bigger and will three of them be to much?

    1. Tamara,

      I would probably go for the larger one if it’s a fixture that can be a statement in the room. There is almost never exactly the right size with the formula, but that’s pretty close. Would you be interested in sending me a photo? I’ll email you as well.


  6. I have a home office that is 12′ x 12′ with an 11 ft ceiling for which I purchased a beautiful 40″ wide Casilda chandelier. But now I am afraid it may be too wide. What do you think?

    1. Faith,

      I think since you ordered it and you LOVE it you should use it. Here’s why. First, eleven-foot ceilings are high so they can accommodate a larger fixture. Second, I think we tend to err on the side of too small and not too big. Third, you don’t often find a fixture that fits the exact formula, they are either a little too small or a little too big. Hang it up and stand back and see what you think. If it feels too big once it’s in the room, then return it. If you love it, that’s what counts most.


  7. I want to put a 36″ wide wagon wheel chandelier over my 48″ x 72″ table. Is my table too long for this?

    1. Linda,

      Using a round chandelier over a rectangular table might require a different formula. I think 36″ is large enough not to look too small. I wouldn’t go larger because it will be in the way of people sitting on the side. If you’re going to go with round, this is probably a good size. The best way to judge is by hanging it up and seeing if you like it. I hope this helps.


  8. Joyce Lynn Pease says:

    Found a 30″ round drum chandelier for my entryway. I have 12′ ceiling, entryway opens to family room. Chandelier will hang in section 10′ long by 7ish’ wide. It’ll be between a wide opening to den and another opening to guest bedrooms and guest bath. So it appears open. Do you thing 30″ drum chandelier will work. Thank you.

    1. Joyce,

      Based on the formula that sounds a little large for the space. It should be closer to 20″ if they have a smaller size. BUT you should go with your gut. If you LOVE the fixture, get it. Do you want to share a photo? That would be great.


  9. Joanne Mitchener says:

    My living room is 20×20 with a 20’ cathedral ceiling . What size chandelier? Should I consider the height of the light fixture?

    1. Joanne,

      I would try to get a pretty sizeable chandelier, 40 inches or larger. Since the ceilings are so high you can err on the too big side vs too small. I’m not sure what you mean by considering the height of the fixture. I think it would look strange to hang the fixture too high unless it’s a vaulted entry. Otherwise, the fixture doesn’t really look like it’s part of the room. I hope this helps.


  10. I have a rectangular dining room table that is 90″ long x 42″ wide. Will a 48″ long chandelier work?
    The width of the chandelier is 9.25″

    1. Lori,

      It’s hard to find a fixture that meets the exact formula, but the one you have picked up sounds like it will work well. I’d love to see photos of your table and the fixture if you want to share. You can email me at andrea@designmorsels.com. Enjoy your new lighting.

      Sorry this took a few days.


  11. Ok, so here is one. I have a kitchen banquette at the end of an alley kitchen. The space is 7ft 11 in x 7ft 9 in and the kitchen table 42 inches. So, 30 inches diameter for the pendant or 15 inches?

    1. Kerri,

      If the light will hand over the table, use that as your guide instead of the size of the room. Is your table 42″ round? If so 30″ would be great.

      I am happy to loo at pictures if you want share send them to andrea@designmorsels.com.


  12. Pam Demoulas says:

    will 24 inch round chandelier look good over a 42 inch round table?

    1. Pam,

      In most cases I would say yes, but in your situation the chandelier you like is VERY tall and your ceilings are not that high. I sent you an email with concern a few similar options that are 24 inches around but LESS than 36 inches tall. I hope this helps.


  13. Mary Sue Hooyman says:

    My table is 42×120 with 8.5‘ ceiling. Should I go with a rectangular chandelier? I would prefer only one chandelier and my style is colonial.
    Thanks for your help

    1. Mary,

      That’s a pretty long table so I would search for a rectangular one. If you search for “colonial rectangular chandelier” there are options at almost every price point. If you want help I’m happy send some your way if you reply with the finish (brass, black, etc) and what price you are trying to stay under.

      I hope this helps.


  14. Debra Affinito says:

    I have a 60” round table in an open concept space, the dining area is 14×15 and the ceilings are 9’6”. I have fallen in love with a 40” wide x 24” tall single tier round candle chandelier, it is airy rather than heavy. The sample fixture also comes 24”. Can I do the 40”, or is it too big? Does the fact that the space is open concept allow me to exceed the 14+15=29” chandelier rule and instead lean toward the table width – 12”?

    1. Debra,

      First, thanks for giving me so many details. Since you are IN LOVE with the fixture you should get it. It’s not too big for your table. The formula isn’t exact, and I think it’s better to go too big than too small. Also, your room IS large and your ceilings are pretty high. All these factors point to the size you chose.

      The 40″ size still leaves 10″ on each side so that no one will bump their head when they are standing up.

      I would love to see pictures if you are inclined to send them.


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