Budget Friendly Chandelier Ideas for Every Style

Do you think “traditional” when you hear the word chandelier? Maybe in the past, but now there are so many modern chandeliers that you have to re-imagine what kind of style a chandelier can bring. Chandeliers come in every style – modern, farmhouse, coastal, boho and traditional.

Designers say that every single room needs three sources of light not counting canned lights. Adding a chandelier can be a great way to get more light, while adding a ton of style. I think every room can also use a floor lamp to bump up the brightness.

You might be wondering, what’s the difference between a chandelier and a pendant light? Both can hang from the ceiling. Pendants normally have only one light bulb, although you will see some fixtures with one bulb called a chandelier and some fixtures with multiple bulbs called pendant lights.

No matter what design style you lime, there’s a chandelier that will fit into your home. Try adding a chandelier to bring your style to the next level.

Budget Friendly Modern chandeliers

This might be the most surprising category. Chandeliers can have a very modern look. West Elm has a great selection of modern chandeliers, but they have a pretty steep price tag. I’ve included some below along with the closest copy cat I could find at a budget price.

Budget Friendly Farmhouse chandeliers

Since farmhouse style has caught on, there are many great places to find farmhouse chandeliers. If I had an unlimited budget I would go to Pottery Barn, but their light fixtures are not always in my budget. Walmart has really been stepping it up in their home decor offerings and they have some amazing comparable chandeliers.

I can picture any one of these hanging over a distressed wood dining table or over two overstuffed white club chairs.

budget friendly coastal chandeliers

Inspiration for all things coastal style comes from Serena and Lilly, but most of the prices are out of sight. When you think coastal, think shells or rustic wood with a light tone.

Budget Friendly Boho chandeliers

Boho style chandeliers are more funky and quirky styles. Since boho spaces are usually very colorful and they have lots of texture, a chandelier will only look right if it’s a little edgy. For inspiration take a look at Anthropologie, but if you see something you love but can’t afford hop over to World Market.

budget friendly Traditional Chandeliers

Traditional style chandeliers have been around forever. When you say chandelier this is probably what pops into your head. I really love chandeliers at Pottery Barn and Ballard Designs for the more traditional styles.

installing your chandelier

If you have an existing light fixture that happens to be in exact spot where you want your chandelier to go, installation is pretty straight forward. I personally don’t like to try to install things in the ceiling because I’m short and the idea of standing on a ladder while trying to hold a chandelier and hook up the wires sounds terrible. If you are up to the task, here is a great explanation of how to hook one up.

If you have no fixture in the spot where you want to hang your chandelier, I recommend hiring a handyman or an electrician. I have had great luck using Taskrabbit.com. The first person I found had great ratings and I’ve hired him directly 3-4 times since.

What if there’s no wiring for a Chandelier?

They make chandeliers for everyone, even if you don’t have the built in wiring to hang one. If you want to hang a chandelier in your rental or apartment, but there is no overhead wiring you should look for a swag light or a plug-in chandelier.

These “plug in” chandeliers can be mounted to the ceiling using a removable hook. You simply swag the cord over to an outlet. They can work great over a table or over a seating area. They really work anywhere as long as the distance to a plug is not too far.


If you never thought you were a chandelier kind of person I challenge you to try one and see what a difference it can make in your space. It doesn’t matter what style you like, there is a chandelier for you.

No matter what style you identify with a chandelier can really up your room's game.  Find the right chandelier for your budget

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