Tips For Choosing the Best Shade of Green Paint for Your Room

Green is making a big comeback in 2023. If you follow any design blogs, you’ll see green walls everywhere. I want to share a few of the best greens from Behr and Sherwin Williams just in case you are trying to decide on a green color for your room.

I’ll share the most popular green colors right now, plus which ones I like. I’ll also share tips for choosing the right green for your room.

Tips for Choosing the Right Green Paint

  • Warm or Cool – Green can be a tricky color because it can be warm or cool. If there’s a lot of yellow in the green, it’s a warm color. If it has lots of blue undertones, it’s a cooler color. Do you want a warm color or a cool one? Cool colors are nice for rooms where you want to relax like bedrooms. Warm colors, on the other hand, give the room a more energetic feeling that works better in a bathroom or kitchen.
  • Save $$ by Using What You Own – Make an inventory of the furnishings you want to keep in your room. The worst color to paint your room is a green that makes you hate your rug, or your couch or the drapes. If you don’t want to replace drapes, rugs and all the other upholstery in the room, think about choosing a green that goes with what you’ve got.
  • Put Samples UP – Try to narrow down your paint choices to two or three. You can get peel and stick samples delivered to your door. Alternatively for about $5 you can go to home depot and get a test size container with the color you want to try. Look at the paint during the day and at night. This is way cheaper than getting a paint, painting a wall and deciding it looks terrible.

Best Sherwin William’s Green Paints

If you go to Sherwin Williams, these are the choices. What’s really popular are the sagey greens and the greens that have a lot of brown in them.

Here’s a trick when you find a paint color you like, go to Pinterest and put the name of that color in the search. You can SEE lots of rooms that are painted that exact color. It’s like a sneak peek.

My favorite green paints from Sherwin Williams this year are Leap Frog and Evergreen Fog (color of the year).

Sherwi Williams Greens

Here are examples of Leap Frog paint these in a room and Evergreen Fog paint in rooms (I found using the tip above).

Best Behr Green Paints

Behr shows you which green paints are the most popular. The boxes below with a “1” are their most popular colors. The Behr colors I like this year are Sage Brush and Rejuvenation. Here’s an image from Pinterest to show you Sage Brush in a room.

sage brush green paint

Did you know that Home Depot can mix ANY manufacturer’s paint color formulas? If you really love Boll & Branch, but you don’t want the price tag, go to Home Depot. I really love painting with Behr paints more than any others I’ve tried, if you go with their top-of-the-line, it’s still cheaper.

behr green paints

How to Narrow Down the Options

The options are almost too many to choose from. This is where a mood board can come in handy. Here’s an easy way to do it if you use Picmonkey or Canva. Grab a screen shot of the color you’re considering and take some photos of the furniture, drapes and rugs in your room.

Use the color as the background of the canvas.

If you can’t get good photos, find similar things online and put them onto your canvas to see how they look with the paint you like. For example, the headboard I have is from Ballard. I took a screenshot of it from the Ballard website and added it to my mood board. I have a dark leather chair, I found a photo by searching for “dark brown leather chair” .

This is the stuff in my room with the color I want as the background. I have natural/oatmeal curtains and a neutral rug. I searched for fabrics I like that I might want to use as pillows (that’s what the swares are at the bottom). This helps me to get a feel for how the paint will look.

Check out this post for more details on how to make a mood board or get 4 hacks for choosing a color palette.

I like to do all of this BEFORE I start painting. Try it and see if it helps you. Before you go, if you enjoyed this post you might like how to add touches of red in your home decor or the secret to choosing the perfect color palette.

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  1. This was really helpful Andrea. I am in the process of trying to pick out the perfect color green for our laundry sorter cabinet. This will help a lot.

  2. I love the color green but its sometimes hard to incorporate it in home decors. Thanks for the insight! Learned a lot from this!

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