The Secret to Choosing the Perfect Color Palette

Do you look at photos on Pinterest and in magazines and think, I could never put that together? You can! There’s literally a formula to it. Here’s the secret, you need to find one thing that you really LOVE to go in your room. Designers call it an inspiration piece. Once you have that, you have the tools to pull together the perfect color palette.

What Is An Inspiration Piece?

An inspiration piece can be anything in a room that you love. It can be a rug, drapes, a piece of art or even a photo. It can also be a statement piece of furniture. There’s no wrong answer as long the piece takes up enough visual space to be noticed.

You might find you already have something in every room that you really like. If so, use it. It doesn’t have to be something new. It’s just something that can help you tie all the colors in the room together.

I really love colorful rugs and they are often my inspiration piece. The reason is that I can see a rug and immediately think, I love this one. That’s the feeling you want.

Can You Choose in Inspiration Piece that is Neutral?

These days you see a lot of rooms that have almost no color in them. If that’s a look you are drawn to when you look at Pinterest, you should still choose an inspiration piece.

For example, if you are drawn to rooms that are all whites and creams with leather and wood, your inspiration piece acts as an anchor for the room. Here’s the difference, since you don’t have much color to draw the eye in, you MUST use lots of different textures. I also believe you should incorporate a dominant metal (black, gold or silver) and wood.

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If this Birch Woods In Winter from Minted was your inspiration, you could still use it to tie the room together with neutrals. I think it is much more effective if you have a very large neutral piece of art like this.

Neutral inspiration piece

What’s the 60/30/10 rule?

You might have read that you should choose colors for your room using these ratios, 60/30/10. Let’s say your inspiration piece has blue, pink and gold colors in it.

When you are choosing accessories for your room, choose the one color that you like the most. If it’s a navy blue, as you add accessories or furnishings, buy most of your accessories in navy. Buy a few accessories or accents in the second color, pink. Buy one or two accessories in the third color gold.

The inspiration piece below is the painting, available on Minted from an artist named Patricia Vargaz. Can you see that if you added these accessories to a room, even if the walls and furniture were a neutral color, it would have a cohesive look?

Blue pink and gold color palette

What is your inspiration piece? I’d love to see photos of what accessories you chose to complete your color palette.

tips for choosing a color palette

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