How to Use Fabric to Set A Color Palette

Do you want to use fabric to help you set the color palette in your room, but you’re not really sure how to do that?

I’m going to give you six ways that you can use fabric to set your room’s color palette that are easy and affordable. This is one of those things that really can set your room apart and make it look like you hired a designer even when you didn’t.

I love to use fabric to set the color palette because the fabric has already been designed by someone who knows about color and they have mixed the colors in a way that’s appealing for you.

It used to be that to get custom fabrics you had to be an interior designer. But now there are stores like Spoonflower and Etsy where you can find really interesting fabrics at affordable prices.

Six Ways To Use Fabric

There are six easy ways you can use fabric that are not super expensive.

Throw Pillows

Number one is the most obvious, throw pillows. Anyone can make a throw pillow, even me who doesn’t know how to sew real well. I’ve got an envelope pillow tutorial that is really simple and another two-fabric pillow tutorial.

Neither of these tutorials require you to understand how to insert zippers or buttons. All you have to do is be able to sew a straight line. Both covers are also washable.

Use Fabric in Window Coverings

Number two, you can use fabrics in your drapes and roman shades. If you know how to sew a basic straight line, you can make your curtains. Easy four seam curtain and easy rod pocket curtain.

Or there are several sellers on ETSY where you can mail your fabric to them.

Or have it shipped directly to them and they will make a really affordable custom drapery panel for you.

Small Upholstered Pieces

Number three, I love to see upholstered, small upholstered pieces in a fabric that’s setting the color palette. Now you can do this as something as small as a bench or even a chair where you just staple the fabric around.

You can either have someone upholster it or if you can use a stapler, a lot of times you can upholster simple pieces yourself.

I don’t advise having really bold patterns on bigger pieces of furniture, like couches, because those things we tend to hang onto for a while because they’re big investment pieces.

But a small accent chair is a great place to get a really interesting fabric.

Frame Fabric

Number four, you can frame fabric. It’s almost like artwork. You don’t see it very often, but I used it in my office.

You can also buy any fabric already with the hangers on ETSY.

Fabric Lamp Shade

Number five, this is something you don’t see as often, but I’ve done it in my own bedroom.

You can custom make your own lampshade using your fabric. All you need is a pair of scissors and some glue and you have to buy a lampshade kit, but you can do it at a really inexpensive price.

Use Fabric in Duvet Cover, Tablecloth or Blanket

Number six. You can have your fabric used to make a throw blanket, a duvet cover, a table runner or a table cloth.

All of these are things that you can get made on Spoonflower with any of the fabrics that are there. If you don’t want to use fabric to set your color palette, you don’t have to.

There’s three other easy ways to set your color palette that I explained in a previous post.


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