There’s Only ONE Good Way to Stop Rugs From Slipping on Your Hard Wood Floors

If you have wood floors or really any hard surface you’ve probably had an issue with a rug slipping. This doesn’t happen as much with large rugs because they have furniture to anchor them (or should), but smaller rugs can be a challenge.

With wood floors, it’s even more challenging to get a runner to stay in pace because some of the adhesives on the market don’t come off the floor easily (or completely).

How do you get a rug to stay in place?

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The best solution on wood is a high-quality felted rug pad with a rubber backing. I’m not going to lie to you and tell you there are 5 great solutions. I’ve tried them all. Really there is only one solution that has worked for my wood floors without any side effects.

Sometimes the side effects don’t show up right away, but when you’ve had a rug in the same spot for 10 years and you are getting ready to move. Surprise! The cheap rug pad has left a mysterious web across the floor.

This type of rug pad can be found on Overstock, Amazon or Wayfair. They come in 50 different sizes, be sure you get the right size because they aren’t easy to cut. These are the best solution for wood floors because:

  • They don’t leave a sticky residue.
  • They give your rug extra cushion because they have cushion by themselves.
  • They have more weight to them, which helps them to stay in place.
  • The rubber makes them stay put without leaving sticky behind. Think about your bathmat, with a rubber backing. Rubber is what keeps small mats from moving in really slippery places.

What Not to Put Under A Rug To Keep It From Moving?

Adhesives – I don’t think that adhesives work well on wood floors. Why? Because adhesives leave behind a sticky residue if you ever want to move the rug, or move yourself to a different home.

Adhesive solutions CAN work but it depends a bit on the finish on your wood floor. If you have a thick polyurethane coating on your floors it works better. If your floors have a more natural finish, adhesives don’t remove as easily.

Adhesives include glue, tape, gripper tape. ANYTHING that is sticky will potentially stick to the floor and have to be scraped off. If you don’t mind scraping your floor when you want to move the rug, they work. But that’s not for me.

Cheap Web Style Pads – The ones that look the photo above DO keep your rug in place, but they break down over time and stick to the floor. They can leave behind a sticky substance that you have to scrape off. If you can replace them every 1-2 years, but otherwise they degrade underneath the rug.

If you’ve got wood floors, it’s worth a few extra dollars to get a quality felted rug pad. It will keep your rug in place and won’t leave behind anything sticky.

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