Should You Paint Your Ceiling a Color? See When to Say Yes

If you look at Pinterest and Instagram, chances are you are seeing lots of rooms with painted ceilings. By painted I mean, a color that is not white. Some of my favorite design blogs (Chris Loves Julia bonus room) have been showcasing some incredible rooms where the walls are the same color as the ceiling.

I’m in the process of painting bedrooms in my house and I wondered, should I paint my ceiling? I love the way painted ceilings look, but will I grow tired of this?

Would you consider painting your ceilings the same color as the wall? I’m going to give you a few reasons to consider it and a few others that might convince you to stick to white.

PROs Of Painting Your Ceiling A Color

Here are three reasons to consider painting your ceilings a color along with a few pictures.

  • 5th Wall – Many professional designers consider the ceiling to be the 5th wall. It’s often overlooked and painting it can add a really finished look to your room. Ceilings are rarely painted a color, so it can be something that sets your room apart.
  • Cozy Vibe – A monotone room where the ceiling and walls are the same color can give the room a very cozy, comfortable feeling. This can work well in places like a bedroom, a library or a media room.
  • Larger Feeling – In some cases, like a basement, painting ceiling the same color as the walls can make the room feel larger. If you have low ceilings, this is a good trick.
  • Stand Outs – I found more examples in European rooms than in the US. If you want your room to stand out, paint your ceiling.

Cons of Painting Your Ceiling

Now for the downside of painting your ceiling.

  • Difficult to DIY -If you are painting the ceiling yourself, it can be a neck breaker. Rolling for an hour with you head back is painful.
  • Expensive -If you’re hiring someone else paint your room, the ceiling is an added expense.
  • Makes Ceiling Feel Closer – If you have high ceilings, painting the ceiling the same color can make them feel lower. If you have high ceilings, this is a good feature, so keeping the ceiling light colored makes the room feel brighter and more open (less cozy).
  • May Be Bad For Resale – You might notice if you’re looking at houses for sale that NONE have painted ceilings. Unless the buyer loves your color palette, a painted ceiling won’t be a selling feature.

Should Ceiling Paint Be Flat?

Most ceilings are painted flat white because the flat finish hides imperfections. If you decide to paint the ceiling the same color as the walls, consider painting it with flat paint instead of eggshell unless the ceiling is wood.

If you’re lucky enough to have wood planks on your ceiling, don’t use flat paint.

Should The Ceiling Be Painted First?

I spoke with a professional painter, Dan Keenan, to get the answer. He’s been painting houses for 30 years. According to Dan, if you’re painting a room, you paint the ceilings first.

Why does this make sense? If the ceilings are a different color than the walls, it’s easier to go back and clean up any mistakes when you paint the walls. ‘

I hope this helps you if you’re trying to decide whether you should paint your ceilings a color.

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