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Do you like red? Lately red is a trend. But maybe it’s showing up in small doses. How can you use red if it’s a color that speaks to you?

red hall tree in the kitchen

I had heard that red might be coming back but when I saw the new Ikea catalog for 2024 I knew it must be true. There’s a whole section of deep red furnishings, red chairs, red sofas, a red sectional and red Hemnes (one of the wood storage series at Ikea).

The design blog Chris Loves Julia proclaimed that red is a trend for 2024.

Where to Use Red In your Home

Red is a strong color. You can use it in every room, but should you?

Red is a warm color and using a lot of it in the bedroom can make the space feel less tranquil. Red is the color of passion and energy. Once upon a time having a dining room painted red was a big trend, in the 80s.

I think red works well in almost any room except the bedroom if it’s part of your color palette. Read more about how to choose the perfect color palette.

How To Incorporate Red Into Your Home Decor

There are many ways to work red into your home decor but these are just a few ideas if you like red as I do.

Use Red In A Rug

If you love a vintage rug, it’s easy to bring red into your home with a rug. I have vintage rugs in my bathroom and my kitchen. My favorite source for vintage rugs is Etsy, but it doesn’t help me to share ones I like, because they are one of a kind finds. My favorite Etsy rug store is Lalaland, check it out if you love Vintage rugs like this one.

remodel bathroom on a budget

If vintage is not your style, there are plenty of other options for red in a rug, there are geometric red rugs, red kilim rugs and even red animal prints.

I use affiliate links so I can afford to keep doing this.  Hope it saves you time. See my disclosure policy.

Accent Furniture

Colorful accent pieces are something that can stand out in a room, even if the colors are fairly neutral. I brought a red hall tree into my kitchen get more color. I found it second hand so when I get tired of red, I can recycle it again or paint it.

  • I like this red entry Wayfair. I think the red really pops.
  • Ikea has added lots of red pieces. This cabinet f from Hemmnes allows you to add red, but not too much red. Ikea also offers this color in the a bookshelf.
  • This glass door accent chest from Wayfair is the perfect way to bring red into your living room or entry. It’s so inexpensive that if you get tired of it, it could easily be painted or recycled.

Art and Accessories

When you are trying to add a pop of color art and accessories can be easy places to do this. There is no shortage of artwork that incorporates red. I like to shop for Art on Etsy, Minted and Artfully.

The choices can be so vast and overwhelming that I usually try to narrow my search by putting in a subject and a color. For example, red abstract or red floral. I’ll give just a few examples or art with red accents.

You can find red accessories almost anywhere you like to shop.

  • Red Apothecary lamp from Lamps Plus is a great way to add a pop of red on a budget.
  • You can always add a few red throw pillows for that splash of color and they are easy to switch out seasonally. I really like to find inexpensive pillows on Etsy. This seller has tons of custom pillows, has great prices and over a thousand good reviews.
  • Red ceramic vases from Amazon come in all shapes and sizes.

How Much Red Should you use in a Room

If you decide to add red as one of the colors in your room you can make it a primary color or one of the more minor players. The mix of colors in a room should follow the ratio of 60/30/10. This means that the main color you use should be 60% of the color in the room. The secondary color should be 30% of the color in the room and the accent color should be 10%.

Obviously you don’t have to stick to this rule, but if you look at photos of rooms you like you may see this rule applies. The eye finds it more appealing when the ratio of one color to another is not 50/50.

If you aren’t in LOVE with red, use it as the secondary or accent color. This makes it easier to make a change if you get tired of it.

Here are two examples of rooms where red is the primary color. You have to really be committed to red to use it like it’s used in these rooms. This is Ikea’s cherry red Brathult sofa. The first room has a bright cheery feel with lots of color. This room works only for someone who loves lots of color.

Ikea's bright red sofa

For a completely different look, Ikea also has a deep red upholstered line. This room has a completely different feel. It’s rich and sophisticated. This shows how red can be used in two drastically different ways. It’s Ikea’s Gronlid couch.

Ikea's deep red sofa

If you love red, it’s back in style in 2019. You can bring in as little or as much as you like. If you decide to go bold and make it a primary color just be prepared that trends don’t last and you may not love it forever. I love red, but not enough to make it the main color. I like to add my red with rugs and accessories. How do you like to add red to your home?

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  1. My favorite color has always been red. It’s been my signature door color when remodeling homes. Black roof, gray house with white trim and black shutters. The POP of color is the red door. (-:

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