What’s New in Ikea’s 2020 Catalog

Do you save the Ikea catalog each year and flip through it like a magazine? If so, you are not alone. I just happened to go to Ikea this week to get some shelves for my office/closet and the new catalog just came out. To see the 2021 Catalog new items click here.

The great thing about that was that I got the chance to walk through the new rooms and see some of the new things in person.

favorite new things in 2020 Ikea catalog

It’s hard to narrow down my favorites in the new catalog, but here they are. If you have the time to go to a physical store, many of the rooms have been changed out and it’s fun to just walk around for ideas. There seem to be a lot more dark cabinetry and more bold and dark colors this year.

Lubban Cart – This cart could be used for so many different things, and it’s only $69. It can be a bedside table or a side table next to a chair or sofa. I also love that it’s wicker and black and has wheels. It’s a great choice for a neutral room where you are trying to add texture.

Lubban Cart new at Ikea.

Sakarias Armchair – I really like the look of upholstered dining chairs, but there’s the risk of spills This chair has a removable sover. I love this kind of perk when it comes to dining chairs. It’s only $159 and it comes in white which could be bleached, dark grey/black and a floral pattern.

Buskbo Armchair – This chair comes with a removable, washable cushion for $160. It’s a very low profile chair with a Boho look (before I realized it was new I included in my Boho Living Room). I like the Rattan, but with a modern twist.

buskbo chair from Ikea

Livsverk vases – This new vase set comes in three sizes, which is great if you want to do an arrangement. Two of the vases are white and the third is black and white. You can get all three for $24. Each vase has a different shape so they look good in a grouping.

Vardagen Goblet – These goblets come 4 to a set for only $7.99. I like them because they could be used for dessert serving dishes as well as drinks. The wider body makes them more versatile and if you break one, it doesn’t matter. They would be great for parties.

Vardagen Goblet from Ikea

Strandmon Wing Chair – There was a lot of color at Ikea this year, especially red. I do love red, but this chair also comes in a deep forest green and it’s only $249. I like the button detailing across the back.

Strandom Wing Chair from Ikea comes in lots of deep colors

Trangent Rug – We’ve all seen the black and white color block rug from Ikea in so many images. This year they added some colorful options. I’m a huge fan of blue, so this one caught my eye. I love that it uses multiple blues. It’s $229 for 100% wool rug that’s roughly 5.5 x 8 feet, roughly.

Ikea's Trangent rug, new in 2020 catalog

Spisig Toy Kitchen – I don’t even have kids that would use this, but it is so darn cute and cheap ($49.99). I love it! I don’t it online so please excuse this photo direct from the catalog. I saw it live in the store and I think it comes in different colors.


Ikea's new toy kitchen

What to Avoid at Ikea

Like any store there are some things that Ikea does well and other things that you should steer clear of.

Lighting – You don’t have to completely avoid lighting at Ikea but buy with caution. Many of the lamps and fixtures require bulbs that aren’t widely available, or don’t provide enough light to do a lot. I really liked this lamp for my office, but you have to use an LED bulb and the max wattage is or 11 (which is like 40 watts). This is not much light.

Ikea floor lamp - Ranarp

Linens – I don’t include curtains in this category because I do love the Lenda curtains in white, but for the most part I don’t like their linens including bedding, pillows and throws. This is just personal preference. I don’t like the feel of Ikea’s fabrics.

Inside IKEA on Amazon Prime

I love to walk through Ikea just to see how they creatively cram so much into such a small space but did you know that there’s a 3 hour TV documentary on Amazon Prime about Ikea? If you love Ikea, you’ll enjoy it. Olivia Colman (Oscar winner for ) is the narrator if you wonder why the voice sounds familiar.

There’s an episode that is dedicated to how they come up with new products and the process that each new design goes through. There’s another episode that talks about the companies that manufacture products for Ikea and it’s cool because you get to see behind the scenes how Billy Bookcases are made. There’s also an episode all about the founder and how employees make the pilgrimage to the first Ikea store and the town where it all started.

Have you been to Ikea lately? What is your favorite new thing?

See what the new things are in Ikea's new 2020 catalog.

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