Simple Wall Clock Decor Ideas

Are you looking for ways to fill up your blank walls, but you aren’t quite ready to buy a lot of art? Lots of people don’t think of a clock as art, but these days there are so many large ones that can make a real statement. If you don’t have a clock they can be a great bargain choice in place of artwork.

You will see why clocks are so amazing if you try hanging one up for a week and then take it down. You will actually miss it. I promise you will realize how often you looked at your clock. You will miss a clock if you hang one and then take it down. Clocks are that rare wall decor choice that can be useful and great looking.

I don’t know the psychology behind it, but I love to have a clock in every room. Clocks come in all shapes, sizes and styles. They are also SUPER easy to make if you have something that you want to hang up and make into a clock. Here’s the super affordable clock from IKEA in my kitchen.

Ikea clock in the kitchen, clocks make great inexpensive art.

Clocks by style

Clocks can go with any style. There are farmhouse, modern, coastal, traditional and bohemian clocks if you search for them. , but here are some ideas of clocks that would fit in your home or apartment depending on your style.

My favorite places to buy a clock are Etsy, IKEA and Amazon. Etsy has more unique one of a kind styles and Amazon and IKEA have real bargains.

modern wall clocks

Modern clocks are clean and sleek. A large modern clock on a white wall can be as good as any piece of art.

farmhouse wall clocks

Farmhouse clocks are all about reclaimed or painted wood. If you like to DIY these can be fairly easy to make, see below.

Boho Wall Clocks

Bohomian style is eclectic and colorful. To find a clock that could be used as art in a bohemian style room, you have to look for something outside the box. For unique one of a kind things, the place to go is Etsy.

Traditional clocks

If you have a traditional style you may before a clock that looks more refined

DIY Clocks

A clock can be made out of just about anything that you can cut a hole in to fit a pin through. Here is a photo of what the clock’s mechanism looks like. You can buy them with hands on Amazon for under $10.

The pin, just hast to go through the center of whatever you want to make the clock from. The hands attach to the front of the clock movement. You don’t necessarily have to have numbers even since most people can tell what time it is without seeing the actual number.

You can make a clock out of anything. It doesn’t even have to be round. It can be anything that is meaningful to you. Here are three I found that might give you some ideas.

The first clock is made from a bicycle wheel (see my DIY version here), which I seem to have lots of extras because my husband is always changing his. This second clock has a hole in a round piece of wood, and there’s a leather strap around the outside to hang it. The third clock is one that I designed on PicMonkey, and it is for sale on Amazon (no affiliate link, I just like it). I’m an animal lover so I’ve come up with a few different animal silhouettes.

If you haven’t tried hanging a clock in your home, try it and I promise you won’t go back. Be sure to get a clock with a silent movement so there is no loud ticking noise. Clocks are a budget friendly piece of art that can go in every room.

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Clocks can take the place of art in any room.  They come in every style and color, find one to fit your home's decor.

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