The best new items at IKEA in 2023 (and a few to skip)

I used to look forward to the new IKEA catalog every year, but unfortunately, it is no more. If you don’t have an IKEA store nearby, you don’t want to miss out on the new pieces and new ideas.

Ikea is much more than just a furniture store, it can be the perfect place to find great ideas for every room of your home. Many of their products are geared toward better everyday life.

This post is about my favorite new Ikea products and shows you what they look like in person. I have included some new furniture as well as decorative items that provide subtle accents. I’ll also be sharing whether or not they seem like a good deal. While IKEA has some affordable furniture NOT everything at IKEA is a bargain.


I like to walk the store because their display rooms have so many great ideas, especially when it comes to new smart storage solutions. You can place an online order but it’s worth seeing in person if you have a local ikea.

The trend I saw overwhelmingly this year was green space. There was a combination of faux green plants and real plants in every room, and not just one or two.

New Furniture:

Ekenaset Chair – This armchair has a retro vibe with sleek lines. It has wood arms and legs, which isn’t always the case for Ikea furniture. The fixed cover comes in turquoise, light beige (oatmeal) and black.

Review: This chair is comfortable, which isn’t something that is true of all IKEA furniture. It’s not super cheap ($249-$299, but it looks really great in person.

Jattebo Sectional Sofa – This new sofa is a modular sectional sofa with simple lines, that you can configure to fit your space. It has deep seats with storage space underneath each one. This sofa comes in dark green, grey-beige (oatmeal) and grey. They only hat the oatmeal on the floor.

Review: If you’re buying it for storage, don’t. It does have storage, but not a lot. I like the fact that it’s modular so you can rearrange the pieces, but it’s not my favorite sofa at IKEA. The fabric is soft and it’s comfortable. The price is reasonable, $570 per section.

Tolkning Rattan Bench with Storage – This bench is made of handwoven rattan and is a great way to bring natural materials into your home decor. It works well in small spaces like an entryway or in a living room, or a bedroom and has the added benefit of storage under the seat.

Review: This bench is a winner. It could fit in lots of places and it’s the thing that IKEA really does well, which is to provide storage with style. It’s perfect at the end of a bed. The only place I could find it was in the bed section. The price is $149.

Segeron Outdoor Arm Chair – This is a durable outdoor chair. The frame is made of powder-coated steel and rope and the water-repellent seat cover is secured to the frame with an elastic strap. The frame itself comes in dark green or beige and the seat cushion covers can be changed using FRÖSÖN covers.

Review: It’s a good looking outdoor chair. The price is right at $125 because it could be used for dining or just outdoor lounging. I liked the green.

Persbol Arm Chair – This armchair has a timeless design with wood spindles and a thick seat cushion. The beige-grey cushion cover is removable and washable. The frame itself comes in birch, black and brown-red.

Review: This chair is adorable and the thing I was looking forward to trying out the most. Unfortunately I couldn’t sit in it. It is deep enough to be comfortable for a living room. There were none available at my local IKEA. The price is not bad at $199.

Voxlov Table and Chairs – The frame of this table and chairs are made of bamboo and the seats are made of woven paper twine.

Review: This table and chairs are really cute but the chairs are NOT comfortable. I wouldn’t want to spend a lot of time sitting in these. The price for the table and four chairs is $899. There are lots of more comfortable dining chairs at IKEA that I would get instead.

Manhult Dining Chair – This chair has a sturdy metal frame with a thin, upholstered back and seat cushion. The frame is black and the seat covers come in deep red, grey-green, and yellow-brown.

Review: I thought this chair was going to be really uncomfortable but it isn’t. It’s versatile and stackable. This would be a great choice if you want a pop of color. It’s only $85.

New Home Accessories:

Knosen Toilet Paper – This made the list just because it comes in pink!! Powder pinks are on trend in 2023, why not add a little bit to your bathroom? it also comes in grey.

Review: This would be such a cute addition to a guest bath or a powder room, not for everyday use. I love the pink, grey seems like it would be for a prison. Why did they choose that color? Just $4.79 per 4-pack.

Svartoppel Pillow Cover – This pillow cover fits an inner cushion of 19 5/8 x 19 5/8. The fabric is made of recycled polyester and is machine washable. It has a tactile dot pattern and comes in off-white, grey-green, light pink, pale blue, pale grey-green, and yellow.

Review: In person, they are really soft. They come in every shade of glorious green. You can’t beat the price at $12.99. Not a fan of the blue, but all of the other colors are great.

Fejka Artificial Potted Plants – Ikea has a ton of faux plants and they are all called “Fejka”. They don’t all look amazing. It’s worth seeing these in person to pick the ones that look passable. These are the ones that I thought looked the best, faux eucalyptus ($25.99), tall faux grass ($49.99), Kentia Palm ($79.99), lavender (14.99) and succulent 3-pack ($6.99)

The very liberal use of faux plants thought-out the store really illustrates what a difference they can make in every space. This leafy houseplant is the perfect solution to bring some greenery into your home, no green thumb required. IKEA is also a great place to get real plants, especially the indoor trees.

Room Darkening Ikea Curtains – IKEA has a variety of blackout curtains. These are thick, lined curtains that are meant to fall all the way to the floor. They can help keep the heat out in the summer months and the cold out in the winter months. They can be hung on a curtain rod or curtain track.

The limiting factor with the curtains is the lack of sizes. There are only two sizes, 84 or 98 inches in length. All of the curtains are between 54 inches wide and 58 inches.

The heading tape allows you to create pleats using Riktig curtain hooks. The blackout curtains have a soft thick feel to them and they are a bargain.

New Lighting:

Blidvader Ceramic Table Lamp – This lamp has a classic shape with an off-white base and a beige lampshade with visible fibers.

Review: This is a good looking lamp for $64.99. It looks like a lot of the stone or pottery lamps that you see at Pottery barn, but 1/3 the price. It 20 inches tall.

Sommarlanke Lamp/lantern – This is a decorative, battery-operated LED lamp that can be used indoors or outdoors. It has a built-in timer so it automatically turns the light on at the same time every day and turns off after 6 hours. There are several new products in this full collection in different sizes and styles, all with an element of modernity.

Review: This is so cute for outdoor lighting and it’s rechargeable. You can’t beat the price at $34.99.

How to Get A Discount At IKEA?

This Swedish retailer is not one to give discounts and there are no ikea coupons. It’s not something they do. The only way to get a discount is to join the IKEA family members program. This will get you 5% off of furniture IN STORE on all furniture and decor.

The only other way to find IKEA sale items is to shop the return section. Every IKEA has one and it’s full of items that are usually already assembled, that have been returned.

I hope you get a chance to visit your local IKEA and check out my favorite finds for the new 2023 skus.

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