Tween Boy Bedroom Ideas

Do you have a tween boy living in your house? This is a tricky age because you can’t completely takeover and do whatever you want.

Teenagers have opinions about their own rooms. They are not longer willing to let you take over and do whatever you want with their bedroom, for better or worse. Here are a few tips for decorating your tween boy’s bedroom in a style that will make you and your tween happy. .

Get Their Opinion on Art

I was about to order a few inexpensive prints for my son’s room but before I did I asked him. Do you want to choose what I hang in your room on the walls? To my shock and amazement, he absolutely did care. He wanted a fox. What???

If your tween has opinions about art you would be surprised at the options out there. For example, here are some great choices on Society6. Honestly, there are so many great options on this site that I had to stop at four.

You can also incorporate things that are important to them by using their photography. What tween doesn’t have a million photos on their phone. One great way to add in what’s important to them is to frame a photograph that they took. It is really inexpensive to get photos blown up and shipped to you using Framebridge.

Here’s an example of a photo my son took on vacation. We hung it above his study table. Or try making their favorite vinyl records into artwork.

incorporate photos taken by your tween

Update The Bed for Your Tween

If you can fit a bed that is larger than a twin, this is a good time to upgrade. The benefits of a full or queen bed is that you can use it for guests too, if you don’t have spare rooms.

As a tween I think it’s time to donate any kid sheets and go with something like white sheets or a stripe. Target has some great bedding options that fit boy tweens. Bottom line, keep it simple and easy to make. Avoid anything with a theme (even if it’s sports).

Keep the Decor Minimalist

Since this is the time when they start to assert the independence, the last thing they want is for their rooms to scream “my mom decorated this”. If you want to add touches of style, let it be things that interest them.

For example, my son found these dear antlers on his nightstands, not attached to a dear just on the ground. It can be things from travel or mementos from friends. I’m not going to lie and say that I haven’t made some of these things disappear…

Add in Plenty of Storage

The goal is to make it something that is easy to keep clean. I bet there are other moms out there who just want to shut the door and pretend you can’t see it. But our house it too small to hide his room behind closed doors. You can see it from the kitchen. Make it simple to clean up on short notice.

Give your tween more storage than he really needs so there’s plenty of room to put everything away and then some. You can do this by adding night stands that have lots of storage, adding bins and lots of shelves. It’s easier to put things away if it’s not a struggle to fit them.

I replaced two rows of hanging space with shelving. My son uses 5 hangers maybe, on a good day. He would rather fold/throw the rest in a drawer. So all of that hanging space was wasted. Look at how your kid prefers to store things, and alter your room to accommodate their storage preferences.

What are your secrets for decorating your tween boy rooms?

tween bedroom decorating

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