Spray Paint Fabric: A Quick Fall Transformation

I have a lot of leftover fabric and always look for inexpensive ways to add to my seasonal decor.  

I decided to make a few easy fall pillows using spray paint.  I am not a huge fan of orange, but you can decorate for fall using different colors.  I used blue, mostly because I’m not a huge fan of orange.

fall pillow

They sell special spray paint made just for fabric, but I didn’t have that on hand.  The best spray paint is what you’ve got already.  The best way to wash spray-painted fabric is by hand, but as this video shows, you CAN wash painted fabric.  

Supplies Needed

I want to talk a little bit about the type of paint I used, vs what’s available.  There are LOTS of spray paints out there.  Spray paints come in acrylic and enamel.  

Pillow – If you have some pillows around that are beat up, this is a good way to recycle them with a new cover.  You don’t even have to remove the old one.  

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Steps to Make a Pumpkin Pillow

The process for making this pillow is simple and doesn’t take a long time.  Click here to see a short video.

1. The first step is the cut the fabric for your pillow, so you can figure out the center for the stencil.  This helps you to know where to place the stencil.  If you want to spray paint an existing pillow, that makes the craft even easier.

2. Decide what shape you want to transfer onto your fabric.  I wanted a pumpkin, but you could do anything in the season, a leaf, a ghost, a crow.  You could do words like , “It’s fall y’all”.  The best way to find what you want to make the stencil out of is to search online for the subject, print an example, and draw that onto your folder.  

I used the vanilla folder to create a stencil.  

3. Once you have the stencil cut iron your fabric.  Apply the adhesive to the stencil, and don’t skimp.  You want your stencil to be firmly stuck to the paper so you don’t get any bleeding on the fabric.

4. In a well-ventilated area, spray paint your stencil.  Wait 30 minutes for the paint to dry and peel off the stencil.

5. Complete the pillow.  I like to use this envelope pillow method because there are no zippers, just a few seams.  It’s a pillow you can literally make in 10 minutes.

If you liked this quick and easy craft, check out how to make a ghost light and how to create a mummy door decoration.

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