Easy DIY Mummy Front Door Decoration for Halloween

Do you love or hate Halloween? I love Halloween. My sister always hosted a big Halloween party for her kids and she went all out with fortune-tellers and haunted houses. I carried on the tradition with parties but alas, my son is too old now.

I don’t care, I still like Halloween. I’m sharing some inexpensive ways to get your home ready for trick or treaters (even if they can’t come up to the door all the way).

This mummy door is a quick and easy way to say your house is open for Halloween. I am still trying to use up a bunch of left over pieces of burlap. This is a great project for using leftover fabric, but if you don’t want to keep your door decoration up for a long time it could be done with toilet paper. I hope you like it.

easy Halloween front door decoration

supplies for your mummy door

You don’t need much for this craft.

Steps to Create Your Mummy Door

The first step is to measure the width of your door. Next, cut strips of your fabric to match the width. You could easily do this with white fabric, muslin or burlap.

As soon as you cut the strips you simply put a command strip or a piece of a sticky tape at each end and tack it to the door. Place each strip at a slight angle so it has the illusion of being wrapped.

Once you have the desired coverage you tuck the eyeballs in under a fold of fabric. I decided to add some eyelashes to my eyeballs, which I made from coloring a strip of burlap black and then cutting slits.

That’s all it takes. It’s a really inexpensive and easy way to add some Halloween to your front door. I’m not the craftiest person, so I try to focus on the simple ones. 😁 My husband said “I like it better than the old lady hat“, my last door craft.

More Budget Friendly Halloween Decor Ideas

I have a big problem with ETSY, by problem I mean I can’t stop shopping on ETSY. There are so many great things on there, and not enough people know about it.

Here are my favorite DIYs from around the blogosphere.

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  1. Super cute Andrea! I love that your mummy door is not too spooky and the addition of the eyelashes! Thanks so much for your organizing efforts and happy to be hopping with you again. ♥

  2. Andrea, this is such a cute and adorable way to decorate a front door — love it! Plus, I love how fast, inexpensive and simple it is to do. I’ve pinned it as an idea to make as a kit and mail to my adult sons — one who just bought an 100-year old row house in Philly, the other in a penthouse in Manhattan. Just gotta pick up some of those big eyeballs. Will be great for their front doors and not require storage afterwards.

  3. Andrea, this is a great Halloween decoration -and so easy. Thank you for hosting this fun craft collection.

  4. I LOVE the mummy door! So unique – and so much better than a wreath. Awesome idea to convey the fun side of the season.

  5. Oh, Andrea, such a cute idea for a front door.
    My front door is black, so this would work for me as well!
    Thanks for another great diy craft! and another round of crafting blog hops!!!

  6. I made one of these last year with toilet paper… I think yours will hold up MUCH better! So very cute and I’m so glad we’re Halloween sisters! Wonderful crafting with you and thanks for sharing!

  7. This is so clever and not too scary! I love the eyelashes on the eyes. This sure makes a big decor impact for a front door. The door really looks like it’s been wrapped! Thanks for sharing and for organizing this fun hop, Andrea 🙂

  8. How cute! I love the burlap you used for the mummy! Thanks for organizing/hosting another fun hop! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  9. Andrea, this is too cute!! Such an easy to put together craft that anyone could put together. I think this is so much cuter than those I have seen with white fabric or toilet paper (yuck, that would fall apart in my humidity). Those eyelashes on the eyes are adorable and really give your mummy some personality! Thanks for hosting this fun hop!

  10. Annette Friedheim says:

    Super cute, what a great idea!!!

  11. Andrea, this door is adorable! So cute and creative…perfect for Halloween! Pinned!

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