Rustic French Country Bedroom

I’ve been sharing different bedroom decor styles to show you that you can redecorate your bedroom without buying all new furniture. I shared a moody bedroom and a coastal bedroom. This week I’ll be giving you everything you need to get a rustic french country bedroom.

You can give your bedroom a french country feeling if you focus on changing these five elements: art, drapes, lighting, a rug and paint (may not be needed). These are five things that you can buy without spending a fortune. If you have the extra budget to add a headboard I’ll also share a few of my favorites at the end.

Let’s get started! As always, if you don’t like the colors and you want something different in a particular color scheme, post a comment at the bottom. French country style has lots of soft muted colors, linen fabric and elegance mixed with with rustic charm. I’ll share a high and a low budget option.

Rustic French Country Rug

For french country rooms, you most often see a very neutral, natural fiber rug. Like the chenille and jute rug from Pottery Barn. For a less expensive version, I like the Colette rug from Target. When it comes to a bedroom, I like to get as large of a rug as you can afford. It will make your bedroom feel more luxurious.

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rustic french rug

Read this about how to find the right size rug for your bedroom.

French Country Curtains

There are so many choices for curtains that will give you a french country feeling. I decided to look for drapes with color and pattern. The high option has a muted blue scroll pattern (which also comes in a beige). For the lower price, I love these blue floral drapes from Target.

rustic french drapes

Lighting for a rustic country french bedroom

Lighting is the really fun part of a french country bedroom. I’m going to add a chandelier because this seems so french to me. Lamps Plus is a great place to get inexpensive lamps. These two lamps are so affordable and they look rustic but also refined with the curvy lines. On the high end, I like this metal lamp in a gold finish.

french country bedroom

In the chandelier category I love this bejeweled Casa Florentina light. On the budget friendly side I like this chandelier from Wayfair by Kelly Clarkson, who knew she had a line of lights.

Paint Color for French Country

Neutral walls are what French Country is all about. You might not need to change your walls if they are white, cream or light grey. If your walls are a bold color, I would tune them down with something lighter. My favorite color for a french country look is Soft Chamois by Benjamin Moore.

When you are choosing a cream or grey pay attention to undertones. Greys can look really blue or really green. Creams can appear really yellow or more green. You can get the Soft Chamois color mixed at Lowes or Home Depot. It’s a good idea to put samples of a color up in your room before painting. Look at the color at different times of day to be sure you like it.

Art for French Country Bedroom

Landscapes are popular for french country art. Fruit and flowers are also common in these bedrooms. I like this landscape from minted. For the more budget friendly art I like this framed landscape from Target.

art for french country bedroom

What’s Next?

If you feel like you want more or you have a larger budget here are a few things I would add to the key five design elements. If you can afford a headboard, here are a few I like that are reasonably priced. This one is great deal at Wayfair on the high end and this upholstered headboard is a steal on the low end.

french country bedding

For linens, you can’t go wrong with white or off-white. Here are a few examples, on the high end I like the Company Store’s cotton quilted bedding, it comes in about ten different colors but I like neutrals, which and off-white. I love cotton bedding with pets, it’s the best. On the lower-priced end I like Wayfair’s selection of quilts, like this one.

If you don’t like these colors, but you are looking to redecorate your bedroom in a french country style, respond in the comments and let me know the colors you like. I can come up with a mood board that fits your colors.

I hope this helps you to see how easy it is to transform your bedroom with five things. If there’s a style you would like to see next, please respond in the comments. If you like this, you should read why every room needs a bergere chair and check out this french country living room.

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  1. This was such a fun post, Andrea, with so much inspiration! I am looking at refreshing my guest room and now have so many great ideas. I especially love the Casa Florentina light. Looks like it’s no longer available. So sad.

  2. I love the low high comparison, and I know nothing about any styles so this is really fun to learn. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Andrea, you should have a tv show. I love all your ideas and the option of a high or low budget. I didn’t even know Target carries art. Great post, my friend!!

  4. I love these kind of comparisons, where you can see the different choices and put the money where things are really important to you. It is also interesting to see if you can really tell the difference between the high end and low, which I usually can’t! I need to go look at the coastal bedroom ideas now!!

  5. I love all the inspiration Andrea! What great ideas and love the comparisons! xo

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