DIY Star Wars Ornaments – Princess Leia

Does someone in your family love Star Wars? I’ve been distracting myself from the news this year by making Star Wars ornaments. It is such a fun and challenging (for me) activity. I highly recommend it. Take a break from the bad news and break out your crafting goods.

I already shared my Chewbacca ornament and my baby Yoda. This time I’m sharing Princess Leia. I tried making her out of a ball ornament, but it turned out really ugly, I put a photo at the end for laughts. I switched back to felt.

Materials For DIY Princess Leia Ornament

I used felt and a few other accessories for my Princess Leia ornament.

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Method for Making Felt Ornaments

Step 1 – Draw Out a Pattern and Cut Your Felt Base

I made one felt ornament without a pattern and it turned out too small. It’s really helpful to cut a pattern out of cardboard. I then cut the body out of flesh-colored felt so I could layer the clothes and hair on top.

Step 2- Stitch and Stuff

Use the blanket stitch to seal up 3/4 of the body. Leave an opening so you can stuff some cotton or extra fabric inside. I used two strands of embroidery thread for the stitch, which turned out much better than a single thread. You can see a video tutorial of the blanket stitch here.

Step 3 – Sew on Hair Add Support

I stitched on the hair piece and then decided the neck seemed too flimsy. If you think yours is too thin, you can add a support piece of felt and a Popsicle stick to the back with hot glue. Another way to handle this (in hindsight) is to cut two flesh-colored bodies in the first step. I did this on my second one and it was thick enough that I didn’t need the popsicle stick.

Step 4 – Add Embellishments

I used a brown pipe cleaner for the braids. I attached them with glue. Then I added eyes and a belt with fabric paints. That’s the last step. Use a glue gun to attach a ribbon for your tree. The fun thing is that you can make any ornament you want. It looks a little like a first grader made it, but it’s the experience that counts right? 🤪

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  1. YES!!!! She looks amazing and another brilliant Star Wars ornament friend. Great job and can’t wait to see the next one.

  2. Great ideas to add the popscicle stick and to put in a bit of stuffing. She’s adorable.

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