A Cottage Christmas Tree

I’m so excited today to be part of a Christmas Tree Decor Hop! I can hear my sister’s laughing out loud as they read this. It’s the fourth annual hop hosted by Michelle at Our Crafty Mom. I might not be invited back after seeing last year’s collection but I’m showing up with my cottage style tree.

Be sure to go around and visit all the trees for a virtual Christmas tour, the only kind it looks like we will be getting this year. There are some truly amazing trees. All the links are shared below. There’s a tree for everyone!

Cottage christmas style

I love a large Christmas tree, but the reality is it just doesn’t fit in my house. I have a five-foot tree and it feels the right size to me. What gives it a cottage style is that the ornaments are all smaller scale, they don’t match and they look vintage. I haven’t purchased any Christmas ornaments because my mom gave me a box full of ornaments from childhood.

I wish I could say I do a different theme every year, but I haven’t. This year I made a few Star Wars themed ornaments like Chewbacca and Baby Yoda for fun, and those are there too.

Cottage christmas tree

These ornaments won’t mean much to you, but what I like about them is how clever they are. You can still find these kinds of ornaments on my favorite marketplace for creators, ETSY. Here are some of my favorites.

Painted Gourds – Here’s a vendor on ETSY that makes adorable painted gourd ornaments with as much detail as this one.

Stuffed Felted Ornaments – I don’t know why we ended up with these mice, but one is a bride and the other is wearing a red cape with a white muff. I just think they are so cute. They remind me of the Rescuers. This ETSY seller has some adorable felted ornaments that are even cuter.

Ornaments With Special Meaning – My family wasn’t that into sports. The only sport we watched growing up was tennis. I found an ETSY seller that makes cycling ornaments made out of recycled bicycle chains. This year I also made a music instrument because we love music and have been using that to help with our Covid blues.

Now it’s time to see all of the other Christmas trees. I hope you enjoy.

Welcome To The Fourth Annual Christmas Tree Decor Blog Hop

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Cottage Christmas Tree

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  1. I love all the unique ornaments on your tree, Andrea! Thanks for pointing out all the Etsy sellers that make such cute decorations 🙂

  2. I love a tree that is filled with sentimental ornaments. Seeing your mice reminded me of ornaments that I had as a child. (I’m sure my mom still has them!) The bike cog ornament is so creative! My husband and I used to be bikers and I’m hoping that when I show this to him, he’ll have a bike cog that I can use to make one. I really enjoyed seeing your tree!! (And also looking at your Etsy links. I love Etsy!)

  3. What a adorable tree I love the pom pom garland absolutely charming.

  4. I love that red pom pom garland it is so much fun! I think my cats would attack my tree if I had it though, I had some white ones last year and the lost their minds and ripped them out of the windows, lol. The reason why I can not have nice things, right?

  5. I love that your tree has so many handmade and childhood ornaments. This is the kind of tree that puts a smile on your face 🙂

  6. I think it is so special that you have ornaments that hung on your tree when you were a child. I have no idea where 99% of the ornaments that hung on our tree are. I know my parents don’t have them any longer. BUT, last year my mom did give me a box with 7 or 8 vintage glass ornaments that hung on our tree. They are so treasured, I won’t even hang them on my tree. I may find another way to display them some year. I thought your Star Wars ornaments were adorable, but those little mice…too, too cute! I hope you have a joyous and safe holiday season!

  7. Star Wars just lends to making a tree look good! We even have a Star Wars tree skirt under one of our trees, along with a Star Wars wreath close by. Giving a tree some personality is so fun.

  8. Andrea, your tree is so fun and pretty! I love your Star Wars theme. What a great idea. Thank you so much for participating and sharing with us. Happy holidays!

  9. What a fun loving tree, Andrea! I love that you used ornaments with special meanings on your adorable tree, You certainly get a warm and fuzzy feeling just looking at your tree! So many wonderful memories!

  10. I love how you’ve made your tree full of memories and things your family loves. The ornaments are so cute! I love buying sweet handmade ornaments off etsy.

  11. They’re all so pretty Andrea – I LOVE your Yoda and Chewy ornaments! Thanks for all the inspiration, as always, and I’m going to go check out some others too! Great hop! And Happy Sunday!

  12. Your tree is so beautiful and love all the ornaments. Thank you so much for sharing, and Merry Christmas

  13. Your tree is so beautiful! It’s true, the ornaments are really what makes a tree special and personal. Every ornament we place on our tree is tied to some sort of family memory, something we made or picked up on vacation or were gifted. Etsy is such a great source for handmade and personalized items!

  14. I love those homemade ornaments the best. The Santa painted Gourd has always had a special place in my heart. Beautiful tree with so many memories.

  15. Your tree is adorable. The dog in the back room is lovable, too! I’m doing my best to get your sister to have a tall tree in her fabulous front room!!

    1. Those windows would be an amazing place for a tree.

  16. I love a tree with sentimental ornaments. Yours is lovely, Andrea.

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