Best Mother’s Day Finds On Etsy

You’re probably sick of me saying how much I love ETSY. I feel like it’s a combination, part flea market, part small business creatives trying to pedal their new products. I love it because you can find unique things that you probably won’t find on Amazon.

Etsy mother's day gifts

This makes it a perfect place to look for a special Mother’s Day gift. The one thing you need to watch is that some of the sellers are outside the US. Be sure the shipping time frame will get your gift to you in time. The ones I’ve listed below are all quick ship items (at the time of writing).

ETSY does allow you to filter based on delivery time, but since many of the businesses are small they aren’t as fast as Amazon. But that’s why I love them….

I choose every product you see. I may earn an affiliate commission if you buy from one of the product links, at no extra cost to you. Read my full disclosure.

Turkish Towels – Turkish towels are good for so many things, a throw blanket, a towel, a picnic blanket. This seller has over 20,000 positive reviews. (On ETSY it’s really the seller who is reviewed vs. the product and they will answer questions).

Etsy mother's day gifts

Personalized Journal – These look so gorgeous and you can get one customized in time. Has anyone else found that they finally have the time for using a journal since 2020?

Etsy mothers day gifts

Layered Necklace – Layering necklaces is a really popular trend. I love this one because it has such a simple and elegant look.

etsy mothers day gifts

Giraffe Planter – Does your mom like a certain animal? If so you can probably find a planter on ETSY that is that animal. I like this giraffe one with faux succulents (if your mom doesn’t have a green thumb).

etsy mothers day gifts

Spring/Summer Pillow – I think this bicycle pillow is so cute. What a fun thing for a front porch.

ETsy mothers day gifts

Spa in a Box – This set is so pretty and since some of us aren’t going to the spa it’s the perfect gift this year.

etsy mothers day gifts

Mason Jar Candles – These candles come in two sizes and you can choose from a dozen scents. They are so cute.

etsy mothers day gifts

European Round Cutting Board – These cutting boards are perfect for a cheese board for two (or one). They are 11-12 inches each.

etsy mothers day gifts

Hope this helps you find something special for your Mom. If you’re looking for Mother’s Day Kitchen Gifts, this post is for you.

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  1. Andrea, I love the bike pillow and those round cutting boards! Thanks for the reminder to use Etsy. I don’t go there enough. So excited to see you this week!

  2. I don’t know if it a good or bad thing that I can get lost in Etsy! One thing can lead to another and I find I have spent an hour browsing all of the unique products! I could get carried away with a wonderful shopping spree on there – and not just for my mother, for myself!!

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