Flea Market Shopping Trends: What’s Hot

I LOVE shopping at flea markets. I just spent a few days going to our local flea market and I wanted to share the trends I found and lessons learned. Check out this article if you need tips on how to get the best deals while flea market shopping.

If you collect anything, that’s always the best thing to search for at flea markets. You don’t HAVE to be a collector to find great stuff. Including something old in with the new is a great way to add character any space. I’ve included the same finds that I saw at flea markets on ETSY. ETSY is truly like an online flea market. Just like real flea markets, not everything is old, you will find both old and new things.

I did find everything I saw at the flea market on ETSY. It’s not the same fun outing, but if you miss flea markets open up a browser and head over to ETSY. These are the most popular flea market items this spring.

Dough Bowls

Dough bowls were everywhere. I think these are being MADE to look old. They are being used to display all kind of things and make a great base for a centerpiece. You can find these in every color and size on ETSY. Be sure to check out where the item ships from and the seller reviews.

I choose every product you see. I may earn an affiliate commission if you buy from one of the product links, at no extra cost to you. Read my full disclosure.

dough bowls

Vintage Windows

Vintage windows can be used for so many different things. They can be artwork themselves. You can use them as the front of a cabinet, you can hang them inside of windows. You can find the windows in literally any shape, size and color. You can find vintage windows on ETSY too, but they are often sold without the glass, so be sure to check.

vintage windows

Galvanized Steel Containers

Galvanized steel drums, bins, troughs, buckets, planters and more. I’m not sure if these became popular because they are used in the farmhouse style or if it’s because they are so versatile and inexpensive but they are so easy to use indoors and out.

If you search for galvanized container on ETSY there are lots of ideas. This planter is one of my favorite ideas.

Vintage Cameras

I think vintage cameras used to be more of an item that collectors looked for, but now they are used in place of art or a small piece of sculpture. They look cool on a bookshelf or on a dresser. I don’t know if most of the ones we saw were functional, but I doubt it.

I found this antique Kodak camera for only $24 on ETSY.

Iron Stone

If you aren’t familiar with Iron Stone, you’ve probably seen it 100 times and not realized that’s what it was. It was invented as a lower priced alternative to china and it’s more durable. It is glazed earthenware and most of it comes from England and France.

iron stone pottery

For as long as I can remember my mom has collected Iron Stone. It’s very versatile because it’s white so you can use it almost anywhere. You can find lots of iron stone on ETSY, this seller had a lot with good reviews. Be sure to look for the stamp on the bottom that will look something like the one in this picture.

Glass Jars of all kinds

Mason jars have been popular for quite a while, but so are all kinds of other glass jars. You see them being used as everything from soap dispensers to vases. They come in every color you can imagine, green, blue, pink, purple and more. You can find these all over ETSY, I like these. You can find every shape and size on ETSY just by searching “vintage bottle” or “vintage jar”.

card catalog cabinets

This is one area where buying on ETSY could be hard, although one of my favorite pieces of furniture that I own came from ETSY. Get tips for buying furniture ON ETSY here. You can definitely find many cute card catalog type pieces at flea markets these days.

card catalog

Wood wine boxes

These are a great alternative to baskets and are a really fun way to store things. I can’t help but wonder if they are authentic or just stamped new boxes, but when it comes right down to it if you like it who cares. More on this later in the lessons learned.

I found a comparable ETSY seller that ONLY sells wine crates.

Antiquing Lessons Learned

I came home from this giant flea market with one item, a glass jar. When I turned it over to remove the sticker (which I didn’t look at until then) I discovered it was from Michael’s. I’m not knocking Michael’s, but I learned two lessons.

First, if you want something that is really authentic, examine it closely. Look for stamps or signs that you are getting what you think. Second, if you like it and it’s not authentic, who cares. Get it anyway. I love this jar and I can think of many ways I will use it.

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  1. It was so much fun going to this event with you! I look forward to many more adventures, and I love that glass container you bought – great find!!!

  2. How fun! You listed all my very favorite flea market finds. I’m so glad you liked the glass jar enough to not be too upset when you found out it was from Michael’s.

  3. Lisa Marie says:

    Great round-up! I can relate! When I finally made it to the famous Rose Bowl Flea a few years ago, my friend carted home a wagon of goodies. I bought: one tablecloth. It WAS vintage, but still! I am so comfortable with online shopping, that markets have become a foreign thing. In fact, a woman in a booth ahead of me bought a gorgeous vintage sequins sweater with fur trim. I would have loved it for my own. So I went home and bought one similar one Etsy! LOL. Again, loved your post!

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one! I love that you found what you wanted on ETSY. It’s such a great place.

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