IKEA Update May 2020 – Yes they Deliver

Updated May2020 – Did you know that IKEA delivers? Delivery starts at $5. I tested an order because I need a shelf and it was $10 to ship shelving. Not bad. We had a bunch of furniture delivered for $40 (it was about eight heavy boxes).

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Do you have an IKEA store in your city? If not, you don’t have to miss out since they ship. You don’t have to go to the store to enjoy their projects. You can order online at IKEA.

Although ordering online at IKEA is not nearly as much fun as going there. I go there at least once a month just to look around. I take my 88 year old dad because he likes to marvel at how you can get so much for so little.

I’m not trying to say that everything in IKEA is the highest quality, BUT the designs are pretty amazing and they are adding so much so fast that it’s hard to keep up. The catalog only comes out once a year, but there is so much new stuff in between that I wanted to share my latest IKEA finds.

Ikea dollhouse

IKEA has always had tons of great stuff for kids. The kitchens are adorable, but now they have a dollhouse. The best part is when your kids outgrow using it a dollhouse, they can use it as a shelf. It’s genius.

The dollhouse is only $35. The furniture for the dollhouse looks just like the IKEA furniture and it’s only $18 for a bedroom and $18 for a living room.

New IKEA Clocks

I’m a big fan of the clocks at IKEA. I’ve got one hanging in my kitchen, it’s the large clock (23 inches for $50). I saw this navy one, the Pollett clock for $25. It looks great in person. The wood, Snajdare, clock looks really minimalist and modern for only $20.

Smart Home products

Right as you step out of the elevator at IKEA they have a smart home display. The featured product is a table lamp that is also a WIFI speaker, with some pretty great sound quality. The lamp comes in white and graphite grey. They also have WIFI speakers for $99.

Not really “smart”, but pretty smart I think. They have motion activated lights for inside your cabinets. They are battery operated. Great for dark cabinet spaces that you don’t want to wire lighting into.

Hand painted ceramics

You don’t think of “hand painted” when you think IKEA. There is a small collection of new hand painted items, candle holders, vases and jars. I picked up one of these candle sticks for $5 and by the time I went back they were gone. This collection could fit in almost any decor.

The blue and white vase is only $6 and the jug is $10.

new lighting

One of my favorite catalogs for lighting is Schoolhouse, but most of their lights are too expensive for me. IKEA has new lighting that rivals Schoolhouse. I love this tiny table lamp in green (also available in bronze) for $25 and there’s a black marble one for only $18. This task lamp is only $40.

ikea outdoors

Since outdoor living spaces are still really popular in 2020, IKEA has stepped up it’s options. This red bench is so adorable if you have a smaller outdoor space like mine. It’s made of powder coated steel so it won’t rust. They also have a high backed rattan-look-alike chair that is more durable than Rattan.

Did you know that IKEA sells plants? And they are great deals. Last year I bought three outdoor trees from IKEA and they are still alive, which is saying a lot. They carry some of the greatest and easiest to keep alive house plants like the snake plant for only $8.

Pax Sale

I don’t know if you love the pax storage as much as I do. It’s like container store, but half as much. This stuff is really durable and easy to assemble.

IKEA is not the place that I go to furnish my entire home. However, I think their designs are really clever at such a low price point. I like to go and look for ideas because they are masters at fitting a lot into a small space.

Ikea delivery – Yes they deliver

Don’t miss out on your IKEA projects while you are at home in quarantine. They are still shipping and it’s a great time to know out building furniture that you normally wouldn’t have time to do. You might also like What’s new at IKEA 2020.

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  1. How long did shipping take for you? Mine says it’s going to be a month :/ did yours say that too? I’m about 1 hr 1/2 away from the nearest Ikea.

    1. It depends. Mine said about 2 weeks but I think it depends on whether the item is in stock locally. In normal times I have things arrive in 3-4 days. I hope this helps.

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