Upcycle Sheets into Lined Drapes

Are you looking for curtains you can make on a budget without a lot of sewing? I am one of those people who only uses a sewing machine about once a year. Each time I pull it out I have to relearn how to use it. The last thing I want to do is sew something complicated.

These curtains are easy because they are each made from two sheets, which have finished edges. This is NOT how anyone who sews a lot would make curtains. This is my drapery cheat. It’s for beginners. My mom was clear that this is NOT how drapes are made, but is it?

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Supplies for making lined drapes from sheets

The fun of using sheets to make drapes is if finding a really fun sheet to use. The white sheets are the lining of the drapes. Find a sheet that you love, there are so many cute ones and they aren’t expensive. I had a denim and cream check sheet with a ruffle on top that I wanted to use for my curtains.

Turn sheets into crapes

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Here are a few patterned sheets I think would make great looking curtains.

steps to making basic lined drapes

As I said at the top, anyone who knows a lot about sewing curtains would probably not use this method. This is a quick curtain that you can make if you only know how to sew a straight stitch.

1. Hang your rod(s) – The rod should be above your window frame and outside to make your window appear larger than it is. You can read more about where to place your rods here.

curtain rod

2. Hang the rings on the rod. You can make a rod pocket curtain, but that requires more measuring and more sewing because you have to add the pocket. Rod pocket curtains are also hard to open and close. I like to use clips because they are easy. Clip your outer sheet onto the rings.

how to make sheets into drapes

3. Pin the bottom where the sheet meets the floor. I like my drapes to pool a little bit, but that’s a personal preference. Pin each curtain and don’t assume they will all be exactly the same if you live in an older home.

4. Press/iron the hem based on your pins. An ideal hem is 2-3 inches of doubled fabric. This makes the bottom heavier and the curtain hangs nicely. My sheets are not long enough to allow for this. I turned my hem up approximately 2 inches, ironed the seam and sewed a straight line.

Since the edge of the sheet is already finished, you don’t have to turn the edge of the fabric under. This makes sewing the seam easy.

5. Lay your lining sheet against the wrong side of your curtain. My decorative sheet has a ruffle on top so I laid the sheet below the ruffle. Pin the lining sheet to patterned sheet and sew. If you don’t have a ruffle or decorative border on top, sew the wrong sides of the two sheets together.

6. Hem the liner. Lay the curtain and lining flat and pin up a hem on the liner. Press the hem in place and sew it. It works best if you mark the hem of each curtain. Don’t measure and hem everything to the same length in case your drapes are different lengths.

7. Hang Curtains – You might be thinking that you missed a step but you didn’t. I didn’t sew the curtains together at the bottom or on the sides. This is not what you would expect if you purchased lined drapes, but I don’t think you can tell once they are hung.

My mom can definitely tell, but she can also tell me if there’s dust on the windowsill. 😂 No one else will notice that the sides aren’t attached. Here’s a side and top view.

finished. curtain

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  1. Wow Andrea, those look amazing! How smart to take sheets and turn them into drapes. I’ll bet if you couldn’t sew you could do this with some hot glue as well. Thanks for sharing and wonderful hopping with you.

  2. Ah, only a little sewing, but a little too much for me. My sewing machine died and I haven’t replaced it. With my sewing skills, it probably isn’t worth me doing so. But you did a great job, and they look so much better that you lined them instead of when I have seen people just hang sheets up.

  3. Those turned out great!!

  4. I love how you took sheets and turned them into drapes. And they’re beautiful Andrea! Thank you so much for the inspiration. Pinned. It’s always so fun hopping with you.

  5. Your drapes turned out great, and you make it look so easy! I must confess that I do have a sewing machine, but it rarely gets used. I see posts like yours and think, “I can do that!”, but then….. I get intimidated again. 😂

    Niky @ The House on Silverado

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